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The hall was around 300 to 400 feet tall, and its area exceeded 1,000 acres.

However, what should've been a flat and smooth bluestone floor was riddled with pits and craters, as well as the remains of countless treasures.

There were also sections of the ground that were charred black, and at the center of the hall was a massive beastly skeleton.

The skeleton was as translucent as jade, and it resembled the skeleton of both a crocodile and a wyrm.

It seemed that someone had engaged in a fierce battle with the massive beast here, but judging from these residual traces, the battle had taken place a very long time ago.

Han Li appraised the beastly skeleton briefly with an intrigued expression, and judging from its residual aura, he was able to immediately identify the skeleton to have belonged to a beast at the pinnacle of the Body Integration Stage.

The fact that such a fierce battle had been waged against a mere Body Integration Stage beast indicated that its opponents were definitely below the Grand Ascension Stage, but they wouldn't have been too weak, either.

Looking at the remains of the treasures on the ground, Han Li could tell that the giant beast had most likely had around four to five opponents.

After inspecting the area for a while longer, Han Li suddenly cast his gaze toward a wooden shelf in the corner of the hall.

This was a black shelf that was around 20 to 30 feet long, with around a dozen silver platters of different sizes positioned on it in two rows.

However, the platters were all empty, and their contents had clearly already been taken by someone.

Thus, Han Li didn't hesitate any longer as he made his way directly toward the exit on the other side of the hall.

The same azure passageway resumed, and on this occasion, it took Han Li quite a while to finally emerge on the other side.

In doing so, he arrived in a space that was several times bigger than even the hall from before.

There were a few white clouds drifting in the air up above, and the ground was comprised of fine white sand.

At the center of this space stood a triangular monastery-like building.

Han Li took a glance at the building before flipping a hand over to summon the small vial.

The ball of crimson light in the vial didn't display any reaction, and his brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this, but he still made his way toward the gate of the monastery, which was already wide open.


The Three Witch Spirit Saints were standing before a sea of black mist that stretched as far as the eyes could see.

The mist was surging violently as if it were a living creature, occasionally releasing gusts of glacial Yin winds alongside bloodcurdling howls.

The three of them were looking very exhausted, and their auras had diminished even further.

Even the three giant steeds beneath them had already vanished, but they were all looking into the sea of mist with excitement in their eyes.


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