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After easily crushing several groups of people who had been foolish enough to get in his way, Han Li and the blood soul finally arrived in the air above a basin after traveling for around four hours.

The basin was surrounded by a ring of mountains of different sizes, while patches of shrubs were situated at its center.

A five-colored pillar of light with a diameter of around half a kilometer was currently erupting out of a pond that had almost been entirely concealed by the shrubs, and the pillar of light was extending directly into the heavens.

There were already three groups of people who had arrived at the edge of the basin earlier than Han Li, and they were appraising one another with cold expressions.

All of a sudden, Han Li and the blood soul appeared in another direction, and the three groups all turned their attention toward the duo.

The fearsome auras being directed toward them made the blood soul's expression change slightly, and she was struck by the involuntary urge to take a few backward steps.

Right at this moment, Han Li strode forward and positioned himself in front of the blood soul from an incredible angle while simultaneously releasing some of his own spiritual pressure.

The formidable auras being directed toward the blood soul were instantly scattered, and her expression eased slightly as she cast her gaze toward the three groups of people nearby.

As for Han Li, he took a glance at the five-colored pillar of light first before inspecting everyone else present.

The group with the fewest people was comprised of a middle-aged man and woman, who appeared to be a couple.

The man had thick brows with a dark complexion, and was quite ordinary in appearance.

In contrast, the woman was extremely seductive and was giving off an astonishing allure.

The two vastly differing figures standing side by side created a very peculiar contrast.

Among the two, the woman was giving off a Grand Ascension Stage aura, while the man's aura was undetectable even to Han Li.

Furthermore, his body was enshrouded under a layer of invisible energy fluctuations, so it was clear that he was carrying some type of treasure that could keep out the spiritual sense of others.

Han Li was rather surprised by this, but he then cast his gaze toward another group, which was comprised of five young men who were identical in both appearance and attire.

They all appeared to around 20 years of age, and even their expressions and mannerisms were extremely similar.

There were icy cold looks in their eyes that were completely devoid of warmth, and they were all at the late-Body Integration Stage.

A contemplative look appeared on Han Li's face as he examined the auras of those five young men, but he then cast his gaze toward the final group.

This was the group with the most people, numbering over 100 in total. Most of these people were at the Spatial Tempering Stage with only a few Body Integration St

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