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"I'm up against three of you, so I naturally have to seize the initiative." Han Li made a grabbing motion with both hands as he spoke, and a ball of light immediately appeared in each hand before transforming into a pair of miniature mountains, one of which was azure while the other was black.

Han Li then hurled the mountains viciously through the air, and they transformed into a pair of massive balls of light mid-flight as they hurtled directly toward two of the elderly men.

At the same time, a third miniature mountain appeared above them amid a flash of spiritual light, releasing countless streaks of invisible sword Qi that surged toward the final elderly man.

The three men's expression changed drastically upon seeing this, and the projection of a centipede and a giant scorpion appeared behind two of the elderly men as they thrust their palms viciously toward the oncoming mountains.

Their hands seemed to be very ordinary, but in the instant that they were thrust forward, countless blue scales and arcs of flashing lightning immediately appeared over two of them.

As for the other two palms, they suddenly took on a glossy black hue while swelling drastically in size, and sharp green claws that were releasing bursts of foul black Qi sprouted out of their fingertips.

Meanwhile, the third elderly man flipped a hand over to summon a fox-human hybrid statue that was around half a foot tall before tossing it upward.

A clear cry rang out from the statue, and it transformed into a five-tailed red fox puppet amid a flash of light.

The red fox swept its tails through the air to conjure up a crimson light barrier that encompassed the entire space down below.

In the next instant, the four palms struck the two balls of light formed by the pair of extreme mountains, and an earth-shattering boom rang out as violent shockwaves surged throughout the nearby space.

The two balls of light shuddered as they were forced to an abrupt halt before reverting back to their extreme mountain forms.

However, the two elderly men's expressions changed drastically as they were sent flying like a pair of cannonballs.

By the time they managed to steady themselves several hundred feet away, their arms were completely bloodstained, and every single inch of skin on those arms had been torn open, while their fingers had all been snapped.

At the same time, the countless streaks of invisible sword Qi had already rained down upon the crimson light barrier, and within mere moments, a series of thin cracks were beginning to appear on the barrier's surface.

The third elderly man was quite alarmed to see this, and he immediately injected a burst of energy into the statue that he was holding before hurriedly making a hand seal.

A layer of golden light flashed above the red fox puppet, and the light barrier it had conjured up also took on a golden hue, while the cracks on its surface quickly began to mend. As such, it was able to wit

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