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As soon as the tree creature took shape, it immediately regained some ability to move, and it flailed its limbs violently through the air as a burst of shockwaves surged through its body to shatter part of the black threads.

It then strode forward as a cloud of mist emerged beneath its feet, carrying it up into the sky.

The Baleful Blood Corpse formed by Master Tian Wu's remains had been moving quite sluggishly up to this point, but it suddenly reached out like lightning with both hands, releasing countless crimson threads that intertwined to form a lethal net.

The tree creature had only just risen up into the air when its body was sliced into countless pieces by the net.

A burst of green Qi emerged from the remains of the tree creature, transforming into a faint green shadow that covered a distance of over 200 feet in a flash, yet right as it was about to catch up to the two miniature figures up ahead, the giant corpse suddenly opened its mouth to release a burst of dazzling crimson light.

The space around the green shadow abruptly tightened, and a burst of incredible powerful suction force erupted behind it.

It only had a chance to let loose an anguished cry before it was dragged down into the corpse's mouth by the crimson light and quickly devoured, unable to offer any resistance.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Nascent Souls of the remaining two elderly men rushed out of the metal cage, then turned around just in time to see the demise of their companion.

The two of them were furious to see this, and one of the Nascent Souls rubbed its hands together to summon a ball of black flames, which then transformed into a giant black scorpion projection.

The Nascent Soul then made a hand seal and was about to send the projection flying into the cage when the other Nascent Soul suddenly grabbed onto its arm.

"That type of attack won't do anything. We've lost our physical bodies and expended too much energy; there's no way we'll be able to do anything to this Baleful Blood Corpse. Our top priority now should be to escape. Otherwise, all three of us will perish here,"

As soon as the Nascent Soul's voice trailed off, the metal cage down below tremored violently, and the giant corpse stood up on one leg in a shaky manner before directing its fiery green eyes toward the two Nascent Souls outside.

At this point, most of the black threads within the corpse's body had already been devoured, and there was only a small portion left in its other leg, continuing to struggle against the crimson threads.

Both of the Nascent Souls shuddered involuntarily at the sight of the corpse's menacing gaze, and the first Nascent Soul gritted its teeth as it withdrew its giant scorpion projection. "You're right, Brother Wu. Let's go!"

"You've made a wise decision, Brother Yu. As long as we're still alive, we'll be able to take our revenge eventually," the other Nascent Soul said.

All of a sudden, the corpse

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