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"Alright, if you have no objections, then you can go and rest now. I hope we can have a smooth trip," Han Li sighed as he waved a hand to dismiss the blood soul.

The blood soul naturally didn't dare to refuse and did as she was told.

Meanwhile, Han Li sat in his chair in silence as a contemplative look appeared on his face.

Several days later, the giant ark appeared in the air above a green lake, then descended onto a barren-looking small island.

Half a day later, the ark rose up into the air again before traveling along a predetermined route.

A month later, around a dozen foreign beings split up into the two groups were engaged in a fierce battle above a certain renowned mountain range on the Blood Sky Continent.

One group had fiery red skin with faint scales visible on their cheeks, while the other group had thick brows and huge eyes with wisps of baleful Qi surging around them.

Below the two groups was a secluded forest, within which were several spirit medicines that were releasing unique aromas into the breeze.

On either side of the spirit medicine sat a crimson-robed elderly man and a grey-robed elderly man.

The appearances of these two were similar to those of the two groups of beings locked in battle up above, but their cultivation bases were far superior.

The two were locked in a battle of their own with one of them controlling a flower basket treasure, while the other was wielding a round disk, and they appeared to be evenly matched.

It was clear that these two were the leaders of the two groups, and that they were fighting over these rare spirit medicines.

All of a sudden, a burst of rumbling rang out in the distance, and a mountainous black ark emerged before flying toward the forest at an astonishing speed.

Even before the ark had arrived, an astonishing aura had already been sent sweeping through the air.

The two groups of foreign beings battling in the air were only the Core Formation and Nascent Soul Stages, and they immediately retreated in alarm in the face of this fearsome aura.

The two Spatial Tempering Stage elderly down below also hurriedly looked up with alarmed expressions.

The black ark quickly sped over the forest like a tornado, causing the two groups of foreign beings to spin rapidly on the spot like spinning tops in an involuntary manner.

Immediately thereafter, their bodies were sent flying back for hundreds of feet before they managed to right themselves again.

As for the forest down below, a massive trench that was over 100 feet wide had been torn into the ground as if a giant primordial beast had just crashed its way through the forest, and countless trees had been felled.

The two groups could only look on with astonished expressions as the giant black ark vanished on the spot as a gust of black wind close to 10 kilometers away.

Even though the two Spatial Tempering Stage beings just so happened to be situated on either side of the t

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