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However, the three of them were very cautious, and instead of landing beside the body right away, they exchanged a few wary glances before the elderly man with the Wu surname carefully flicked a ball of black light toward the corpse down below.

Much to their surprise, as soon as the ball of black light fell upon the long crimson chain, it immediately burst into flames, and within the span of just a few breaths, the chain had been incinerated into ashes.

In contrast, the corpse was completely unaffected by the black flames, retaining its smooth and pristine appearance.

The three elderly men were ecstatic to see this, and the man with the Wu surname immediately snuffed out his black flames.

He then drifted over to the part of the corpse that he had been examining earlier.

Sure enough, there was an indistinct jade-slip-like shadow at the center of that rib.

His two companions also drifted down from above with excited expressions.

"Can you identify what this thing is?" the elderly man with the Wu surname asked with slightly furrowed brows after appraising the black shadow for a short while.

"I'm afraid not. There's some type of power in Master Tian Wu's bones that can disrupt spiritual sense. As soon as my spiritual sense seeps into the bone, it's immediately dispelled, so I'm unable to identify what that object is," the elderly man with the Yu surname replied in a slightly frustrated manner.

"My spiritual sense is far inferior to yours, so there's no way I'd be able to identify the object if even you're unable to," the final elderly man sighed.

"Regardless of what it is, it was left behind by Master Tian Wu, so it most likely has something to do with his inheritance; everything will be made clear to us once we secure the object," the elderly man with the Yu surname said.

Before his companions had a chance to reply, he summoned a thin white bone sword in his hand amid a flash of white light, then slashed it viciously toward the black shadow.

The bone sword struck the rib amid a dull thump, only for the enormous power imbued within the sword to completely vanish in an instant. The sword was then repelled by a burst of tremendous force, and it hadn't even left a scratch on the rib's surface.

Not only were the Three Witch Spirit Saints not disheartened by this, they were all ecstatic to see this.

The fact that even the remains of Master Tian Wu were this powerful was sufficient testament to just how formidable the cultivation arts he had used would've been.

This made the Three Witch Spirit Saints even more eager to obtain his inheritance.

"It looks like we won't be able to break through this rib using normal treasures, but if we use anything more powerful than this Underworld Bone Sword, we run the risk of destroying the item inside the rib. As a safety precaution, I'll extract it using a secret technique," the elderly man with the Wu surname decided.

The expression of the elderly man

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