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"The Emperorvoid Cauldron? Could it be that this cauldron will be able to break through the seal with ease?" Han Li asked.

"Of course not. The shortcut that I mentioned still requires the Heavenvoid Cauldron to be the main treasure to break the seal, while I can only use the Emperorvoid Cauldron to unleash a secret technique to assist you. During the refinement of this treasure, my true body mixed a drop of her blood essence into this cauldron, so it has some abilities beyond those of a normal replica key," the blood soul replied.

"You seem quite confident that this will work, so let's give it a try. If this doesn't work out, then I'll use my magic power to try and break the seal by force," Han Li decided.

The blood soul naturally had no objections and immediately nodded in agreement.

Thus, Han Li immediately tossed his cauldron up into the air, then swept a sleeve toward it to release a pillar of azure light, which vanished into the cauldron in a flash.

In the next instant, the Heavenvoid Cauldron swelled to over 100 feet tall, and projections of the creatures etched on its surface began to emerge before revolving around the cauldron.

The blood soul also immediately sprang into action upon seeing this.

She raised her cauldron upward before opening her mouth to expel several balls of blood essence toward it.

The balls of blood essence exploded into clouds of blood mist, which instantly surrounded the small cauldron as if it had a mind of its own.

The blood soul then began to chant an incantation, and she rushed into the blood mist as a blurry crimson shadow.

The Emperorvoid Cauldron immediately began to revolve on the spot, absorbing the surrounding blood mist before countless crimson runes were released out of its opening, forming the face of a beautiful woman.

Its appearance was completely identical to that of the blood soul, but it was completely expressionless and enshrouded under a layer of faint crimson light.

"Senior Han, I only have power for a single strike, so make sure to wait for the right opportunity before you make you move," the face said, then opened its mouth to release a flurry of translucent crimson threads.

All of a sudden, the woman's face let loose a shrill cry, and all of the crimson threads exploded in a flash, following which the dense blood mist converged to form a series of crimson runes that embedded themselves onto the surface of the five-colored light barrier.

Han Li's eyes lit up upon seeing this, and he immediately flew over to the barrier before thrusting a palm against it.

A loud clang akin to a giant gong being struck rang out, and radiant azure light erupted from the surface of the giant cauldron.

The projections of the creatures around the cauldron also swelled in size before flying toward the five-colored light barrier.

As soon as the projections came into contact with the light barrier, they were able to directly enter the barrier through

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