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At the same time, he began to chant an incantation, and a series of dark green spirit patterns appeared over his body before spreading at an incredible speed, covering almost every single inch of his skin before beginning to writhe and squirm as if they had sprung to life.

From a distance, it looked as if countless thin green insects had appeared over the elderly man's body, presenting a very unsettling sight to behold.

Right at this moment, one of the two other men released a crimson copper gong, and upon striking the gong, his head of white hair immediately stood up on end before detaching from his scalp, then transformed into countless winged white-scaled flying snakes that pounced directly toward the oncoming Bone Engulfing Butterflies.

Meanwhile, the other elderly man raised a hand to release a pristine white gourd, which tipped itself over to pour out clouds of black Qi that transformed into black hands with mouths at the palms.

The black hands let loose a string of sharp cries before rushing toward the skulls on the other side.

Thus, four groups of extremely strange-looking creatures began to engage in fierce battles, and dulls thumps indicating bodies plummeting onto the ground were ringing out incessantly.

The black palms and white flying snakes seemed to be quite ferocious, but they were clearly no match for the crimson skulls and white bone butterflies, which were releasing crimson arrows and scorching green flames, respectively.

It didn't take long before most of the black hands and white snakes to be eradicated, whereas only several tens of blood spirits and Bone Engulfing Butterflies had been destroyed.

The two elderly men were looking on with pained expressions as one black hand and white snake was destroyed after another, as if they were losing something very precious to them.

Soon, all of the hands and snakes were destroyed, and grim looks appeared on the faces of the two elderly men as the blood spirits and Bone Engulfing Butterflies began to converge toward them again.

The two of them exchanged a glance, and one of them let loose a loud roar, upon which a massive octopus-like insect projection appeared behind him before instantly brandishing its dozen or so tentacles.

Each tentacle was over 100 feet in length and was riddled with dark green runes, and as the tentacles swiped through the air, they were able to send all of the blood spirits that they came into contact with flying back through the air.

Meanwhile, a fingernail on one of the other elderly man's hands elongated to several inches in length and became as sharp as a knife.

He then swept the fingernail toward his other shoulder, instantly dismembering his own arm, which exploded into a pile of flesh that hovered before him.

Immediately thereafter, he tore off his own robes to reveal seven or eight fierce-looking insect tattoos on his chest.

The elderly man then unleashed some type of secret technique, and the

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