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In a small valley on the outskirts of the Myriad Moon Mountain Range, over 100 high-grade cultivators wearing different attire were gathered together, manning an unknown giant formation

A burly brocade-robed man with an authoritative appearance was standing off to the side, overseeing the proceedings in an expressionless manner.


In a swamp that was filled with countless venomous insects, there was a shimmering azure cauldron sitting on a blue stone platform.

Three hideous elderly men were seated around the stone platform with their eyes shut, seemingly cultivating something.


"The eight nations near the Qi Yun Mountain Range were all destroyed? How is that possible?"

In a giant city countless kilometers away, a green-robed elderly man was staring at a yellow-robed man with an incredulous look in his eyes.

"I wouldn't dare to lie about something like this, Master Bi Ying. Everyone in those eight nations, regardless of whether they're officials or normal citizens, disappeared a month ago, and not a single survivor was found," the yellow-robed man replied in a fearful manner.

"What about all the sects in the Qi Yin Mountain Range? Surely they would've noticed something as extraordinary as this," Bi Ying said with a dark expression.

"I conducted an investigation into this as well, and all of the people in the 19 sects in the Qi Yun Mountain Range also vanished just like the people in the eight nations," the yellow-robed man replied with a wry smile.

"They all disappeared as well? Those 19 sects aren't anything noteworthy individually, but combined, they form a formidable power that can't be ignored; even our trade guild wouldn't be able to wipe them out completely in secret. Haven't you discovered any leads in the wake of something this bizarre?" Bi Ying asked.

"We did manage to discover some leads. As soon as we discovered what had happened, we immediately sent some people to the eight nations and 19 sects to investigate. Once there, we discovered no signs of struggles taking place in any of the nations or sects, which means that everyone was either voluntarily taken away, or the perpetrator was so powerful that the nations and sects couldn't even resist at all," the yellow-robed man replied.

"Which one of those do you think is most plausible?" Bi Ying asked.

"I think it's very likely to be the latter," the yellow-robed man replied.

"Why is that?"

"Setting aside all of the citizens of the eight nations, there's no way that the cultivators of the 19 sects would've willingly left their sects. On top of that, we discovered some traces of a residual Blood Dao aura in the Qi Yun Mountain Range. As you know, only Blood Dao cultivation arts include methods to drastically enhance one's power through blood sacrifices. The residual Blood Dao aura in the Qi Yin Mountain range was extremely fearsome, so it was definitely left behind by Grand Ascension Stage Blood Dao powerful beings,

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