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As soon as the voice trailed off, around a dozen crimson shadows suddenly appeared in the stone city before exploding into clouds of crimson mist.

Immediately thereafter, a massive crimson wave rose up to oppose the oncoming sword projections and extreme mountains.

As a result, the restriction around the stone city was able to stabilize itself once again.

Han Li was naturally enraged to see this, and he immediately opened his mouth to release a massive bolt of golden light that struck the crimson wave in a flash.

A charred odor instantly wafted through the air, and the section of the crimson wave that had been struck by the bolt of lightning instantly vanished.

"That's Divine Devilbane Lightning!"

A cry of surprise rang out from within the city, followed by a faint chuckle.

Immediately thereafter, the crimson wave rapidly converged, forming a seductive young woman in a short crimson dress, and around a dozen giant beasts with wolf heads and bear bodies.

The young woman appeared to be only around 15 to 16 years of age with a set of beautiful features and an elegant figure. Her skin was as fair as jade, and she was holding a green flower basket in one hand.

She was giving off an incredibly seductive aura, and even with Han Li's mental fortitude, he was momentarily entranced.

His heart jolted slightly as he hurriedly activated his Spirit Refinement Technique to regain his focus, then swept his spiritual sense toward the woman as a solemn look appeared on his face.

To his surprise, the young woman was only at the late-Body Integration Stage. However, the attack she had just unleashed was definitely at the Grand Ascension Stage level.

As for the dozen or so beasts around her, all of them were also giving off Body Integration Stage auras, but as a collective unit, the aura they were releasing was not inferior to that of a Grand Ascension Stage being.

Han Li's mind was racing as he attempted to guess the young woman's origins, and his attacks faltered slightly as he did so.

"Who are you? Are you also an Asura Spider?" Han Li asked in a rumbling voice.

The woman's aura was very similar to that of other Asura Spiders, but it was also intermingled with some other type of familiar aura. Thinking back, this aura was similar to that of the Space Fish beings in the lava lake.

"I am the daughter of the city lord here. All you must be from foreign realms, right? May I ask how our race has offended you? How about we take a seat and have a chat instead of continuing in this senseless battle?" The young woman was speaking to Han Li like an equal, completely unfazed by his Grand Ascension Stage power.

"I would be glad to have a chat, but unless you're willing to offer up the cores of your brethren, I'm afraid there's no way we'll be able to arrive at an agreement," Han Li replied.

The young woman's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and she was just about to reply when the green-ro

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