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Zhu Guo'er stepped forward and gave an affirmative response, and the 12 fragrant maidens also stood up obediently before making their way over to her.

"Aside from those 12 fragrant maidens, our trade guild has prepared several other presents that we hope you'll also accept, Senior Han," the woman in purple said with a smile.

She then clapped her hands together, and three handsome young foreign beings strode in from outside the hall, each carrying a silver platter with a red cloth draped over it.

Han Li cast his gaze over the three platters, and was able to immediately identify what they were, upon which he quickly waved a hand in refusal. "These fragrant maidens are already an extremely precious present; I can't accept anything else from your guild."

The woman in purple faltered slightly upon hearing this, but she then immediately dismissed the three young men. "Seeing as those presents aren't to your liking, I naturally won't force you to accept them. I'm sure you must be tired from your journey, Senior; how about I take you to your resting quarters and we'll discuss everything else tomorrow?"

"I am indeed in need of some rest. Please lead the way, Fellow Daoist," Han Li replied with a nod.

Thus, the woman in purple quickly made her way out of the hall, followed closely by Han Li's group.

As soon as they exited the hall, they were immediately greeted by the sight of a lively and bustling scene.

They had emerged onto a bluestone street that wasn't extremely crowded, but it was still very lively with many beings of different descriptions walking along the street.

There were also some shops on either side of the street that were being frequently visited, and those who emerged from the shops all wore different expressions depending on whether they had found what they wanted in those shops.

What was quite surprising to Han Li was that all of the people on the street possessed lofty cultivation bases, and there were even beings at or above the Core Formation Stage among the workers in the shops.

Han Li released his spiritual sense further into the distance to find that this wasn't the only street in the area; there were also streets and dense clusters of buildings in all other directions, forming a small town with a radius of less than 100 kilometers.

As for the hall behind them, it had disappeared as soon as they had exited it, making it seem as if they had appeared onto the street out of thin air.

However, all of the passersby completely disregarded this as if it were a common occurrence.

"Were these people all invited by your trade guild to attend the auction?" Han Li asked as he withdrew his spiritual sense.

"Of course not. Most of the guests that are participating in the auction are resting in the guest pavilions; the majority of the people here are members of our trade guild, and they're taking advantage of this opportunity to seek out some rare items. Even for members of our guild, t

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