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The azure threads vanished into the ball of runes in a flash, following which the green-robed woman continued to chant while pointing up at the ball of runes incessantly.

Radiant light suddenly erupted from the surface of the ball of runes, and it transformed into a funnel-shaped five-colored cloud.

The runes within the cloud flashed incessantly, and it was as if something were rapidly taking shape within it.

All of a sudden, light flashed from the underside of the cloud, and five dazzling translucent threads emerged before descending toward the glacial pond.

As soon as the translucent threads came into contact with the water in the pond, a layer of white glacial Qi swept forth, causing white frost to accumulate over the threads.

The green-robed woman's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this, and she immediately pointed a finger toward the cloud again.

A rumbling boom akin to a dull thunderclap rang out, and a burst of five-colored light swept down along the translucent thread, instantly eradicating the white glacial Qi and the frost that had gathered on the threads.

Thus, the translucent thread plunged into the glacial pond.

A hint of caution appeared on the green-robed woman's face, and she began to make a rapid string of hand seals.

The five translucent threads descended deeper and deeper into the glacial pond, and Han Li was appraising everything while continuing to inject his magic power into the stone pillar beneath his feet.

The green-robed woman had told them to give it their all, but with Han Li's immense magic power, he was able to make do with very little effort.

At the same time, he was calculating the approximate depth of the translucent threads using a secret technique.

100 feet... 300 feet... 1,000 feet... 3,000 feet...

As time passed, Han Li's eyes began to narrow slightly.

At this point, the translucent threads were encountering significant resistance and had slowed down drastically.

After passing the 10,000 feet mark, the green-robed woman heaved a sigh of relief, but the cautious look on her face still didn't fade.

With each passing breath, the translucent threads were only able to sink several inches further.

Even with all of her treasures, this was the deepest point that the green-robed woman had ever been able to reach.

Thus, the translucent threads could reach the bottom of the glacial pond at any moment, and that was making the green-robed woman quite apprehensive.

At this moment, Ying'er was entirely enshrouded within a cloud of crimson mist with an indistinct projection flashing behind her.

It was unknown what type of secret technique she had unleashed, but the aura she was releasing really was no less powerful than that of the average Grand Ascension Stage being.

She hadn't been lying when she had declared that she could elevate her cultivation base using a secret technique.

As a result, Xue Ran and the others were regularly snea

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