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The space was instantly torn apart by the pair of claws, creating a spatial rift that was over 10,000 feet in length.

A mountainous figure then emerged from within the rift, followed closely by two streaks of light.

The streaks of light faded to reveal a young daoist priest and a thin yellow-robed man, while the black Qi around the giant figure dissipated to reveal a dark-skinned giant with curved horns on his head and several rows of short bone spikes on his back.

His face was completely identical to that of a normal male human, but the fearsome aura he was giving off struck one with a sense of asphyxiation.

"I'm truly impressed that you were able to tear through space and allow us to enter this place so easily with your physical body alone, Fellow Daoist Immortal," the yellow-robed man said with a smile.

"Haha, it's all thanks to your Nine Illusion Fortune Door loosening the boundaries between realms. Otherwise, there's no way I would've been capable of this," the giant chuckled in response before quickly shrinking down to only around 20 feet tall.

"Hehe, while that's indeed true, it would still be impossible to enter this space had you not possessed the power to tear through boundaries between realms," the yellow-robed man chuckled.

"Alright, that's enough useless chit-chat; I didn't come here to listen to you two praise one another. Let's find the target and get this over with as soon as possible," the young daoist priest said with a cold look in his vertical pupils.

"There's no hurry, Fellow Daoist San Quan. Even once Qing Yuanzi's tribulation begins, it'll take him quite some time to transcend it, so we definitely have enough time to reach him," the yellow-robed man replied in an unhurried manner.

This trio was naturally none other than Huang Yuanzi, the Immortal Heavenly Lord, and Daoist San Quan, all of whom were renowned Grand Ascension Stage beings.

"It looks like you really have plotted a long time to target this Qing Yuanzi; you've even grasped the time and location for his tribulation transcendence," Daoist San Quan remarked.

"Of course. Qing Yuanzi isn't a member of our Chang Yuan Race. Instead, he possessed the body of a close relative of mine, and only then was he able to reach his current cultivation base. I owe that relative a huge favor, and I abandoned my original name for this one so I could constantly remind myself of what Qing Yuanzi did to spur me on in my quest for vengeance," Huang Yuanzi said in a cold voice.

"I didn't think that you would have such a serious vendetta against this Qing Yuanzi. Rest assured, I'll be sure to help you exact your revenge," said the Immortal Heavenly Lord.

"I don't care about your differences with Qing Yuanzi; I just want the reward you promised me. As for whether we'll actually be able to kill Qing Yuanzi, that'll be up to you," Daoist San Quan said in an indifferent voice.

Instead of being enraged to hear this, Huang Yuanzi replied

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