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Mo Jianli's expression changed slightly as he turned to appraise the jade box with an intent gaze, while Han Li looked on in an indifferent manner.

Xue Ran heaved an internal sigh of relief upon seeing this.

At this point, Hei Lin had already drawn the jade box into his own grasp.

The talismans and lid on the box were removed, and a loud thunderclap rang out as a jade badge that was around half a foot in length flew out from within.

The jade badge had arcs of lightning flashing all over its surface and countless golden runes inscribed upon it.

"So this is a Sanqing Lightning Talisman," Hei Lin murmured to himself with an ecstatic expression.

"Brother Spirit, I also have three Asura Spider cores here; would you like to take a look?" On this occasion, it was Mo Jianli who had spoken.

Xue Ran's expression darkened slightly upon hearing this, yet just as he was about to say something, the Spirit Monarch chuckled, "Rest assured, fellow daoists; I don't have many of these talismans, but there are definitely enough to trade for all of the cores in your possession."

"That's good to hear," Mo Jianli said, but he still tossed a green wooden box toward the Spirit Monarch.

Xue Ran gave a cold harrumph as he produced a storage bracelet and also tossed it toward the Spirit Monarch.

Only Han Li continued to sit still on the spot, as if he really weren't worried that there wouldn't be enough Sanqing Lightning Talismans for everyone.

The Spirit Monarch took a meaningful glance at Han Li before sweeping a sleeve through the air to catch the cores being offered to him by Xue Ran and Mo Jianli.

After a brief inspection, he tossed a jade box toward each of them as well.

Mo Jianli and Xue Ran's eyes lit up in unison as they caught the boxes, then removed the talismans and lids with excitement on their faces.

"Fellow Daoist Han, are you uninterested in my talismans or have you returned empty-handed?" the Spirit Monarch asked.

"Of course I haven't returned empty-handed, but firstly, I'd like to ask how many talismans you have left," Han Li replied with a smile.

The Spirit Monarch was rather taken aback to hear this. "How many? Could it be that you've obtained a lot of Asura Spider cores?"

Han Li offered no explanation and merely awaited the answer to his question with a smile on his face.

Xue Ran and the others were rather befuddled to see this.

Each of them had only received three cores from the Asura Spiders, so why did it sound like Han Li had more?

The Spirit Monarch was silent for a long while before finally replying, "Truth be told, the Sanqing Lightning Talismans are the most precious treasures of our Spirit Race, so even I don't have many in my possession. Right now, I only have two left. If you really have that many Asura Spider cores, then you can take both of them."

"Alright, then I'll do just that," Han Li replied without any hesitation.

Immediately thereafter, he flipp

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