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All of a sudden, her hand changed directions and was thrust toward the Nascent Soul's head.

"Don't you dare!"

The Nascent Soul reacted quite quickly, abruptly vanishing into thin air.

However, Ying'er merely plunged her hand into space as well before tugging viciously, and as she withdrew her hand again, a miniature figure that was bound by countless crimson threads was revealed in her grasp.

This was none other than the brocade-robed man's Nascent Soul, but it was completely immobilized, and it exclaimed with a stunned expression, "This is the law of space-time! You've managed to combine the power of laws of space and time into one!"

"I had already accomplished this over 100 years ago, but I couldn't display it due to my lackluster cultivation base. However, with your Nascent Soul, I should be able to make use of this power," Ying'er giggled as she flipped her other hand over to produce a small crimson flag.

The Nascent Soul was petrified at the sight of the crimson flag, and it hurriedly yelled, "That's the Soul Drawing Flag! Fellow Daoist Luo, hurry up and stop your daughter! Has she gone insane? Without me, you won't even be able to defeat these enemies, let alone refine the spatial power from the cores of the Space Fish beings!"

The green-robed woman had already noticed what was happening, and she was also very alarmed.

She immediately retreated to disengage herself from Xue Ran and Hei Lin, then released several treasures to buy herself some time while she hurriedly transmitted her voice toward Ying'er.

"What are you doing, Ying'er? Now's not the time to be fighting among ourselves! Release Fellow Daoist Yi and recover his physical body; our top priority right now is to take care of these enemies."

"Rest assured, Mother, I've already learned the method to extract spatial power from that disciple of his. As for these enemies, I have a way to take care of them," Ying'er replied in a nonchalant manner, then pointed a finger toward the bound Nascent Soul with a faint smile.

Crimson light flashed from her fingertip, and a burst of peculiar restriction fluctuations immediately surged through the air.

As a result, the Nascent Soul was completely numbed, and it could do anything aside from glower at Ying'er with a resentful expression.

Han Li was also quite astonished to hear the term "space-time power", but as he witnessed what Ying'er was doing next, a cold smile suddenly appeared on his face as he withdrew his Nascent Soul, then waved a hand toward his Provenance Golden Body, preparing to attack the restriction around the stone city again.

However, right at this moment, Ying'er cast a glance toward him before communicating something to him through voice transmission.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon hearing what she had to say, and he suddenly made a hand seal, reverting back to his human form amid a flash of golden light.

After that, the Provenance Golden Body fused back

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