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"I have no other choice. If I can't refine metal and wood attribute Extreme Origin Crystals within the next year, then I'll most likely lose my chance to do so forever. In this current situation, you are the likeliest candidate to help me succeed, Brother Han," Yue Long said with a wry smile.

Han Li was rather taken aback to hear this. "What do you mean by that?"

"Drawing out the power of heaven and earth is not a simple task; not only can it only be done in special spirit regions, the exact time and changes in the power of stars must be calculated in advance for any chance of success. In order to refine these Extreme Origin Crystals, I had expended a massive price for a divination master of our race to calculate the changes in the stars at the expense of a large chunk of his lifespan. According to his divination, the changes in the stars that would bring about the power of heaven and earth of the metal and wood elements are extremely rare, and if I can't refine the Extreme Origin Bricks in this window of opportunity, the next opportunity to arise could be countless years in the future.

"I don't have the time to wait, so I must refine the remaining Extreme Origin Crystals during the next year. If I hadn't encountered you today, I was planning to take a risk to recruit the assistance of an old devil with a rather bad reputation. However, you're naturally a much better choice. At the very least, you were willing to venture into the Elder Devil Realm to slay the Stemborer Queen and rescue so many fellow daoists of our Spirit Realm, so you seem like a righteous and trustworthy character," Yue Long explained.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged as he listened to all of this, but his mind was racing as he made a series of judgments. After a long while, he replied, "I don't know much about you, but the answers you provided were satisfactory, and I see no need for you to deceive me. If it won't take too long to refine the remaining two types of Extreme Origin Bricks, then I can agree to help you. However, for compensation, I want one each of the Extreme Origin Bricks of the other two attributes as well in addition to these three, and these three bricks must be issued to me a deposit right away."

Yue Long was ecstatic to hear this, and he immediately replied, "That's not an issue at all. Rest assured, the spirit region where the power of heaven and earth can be drawn upon is not far away, so we can begin at any time. As for these three Extreme Origin Crystals, they're already yours!"

"In that case, let's not delay any further. If it's alright with you, we can set off for that spirit region right away," Han Li said with a pleased smile as he swept a sleeve through the air, releasing a burst of azure light to stow away the three Extreme Origin Bricks.

Yue Long was very elated to hear this, and he replied, "Fantastic! You're a very straightforward man, Fellow Daoist. However, I must make some preparations to draw upon the met

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