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All of a sudden, his voice drew to an abrupt halt as he returned to his senses, and his face turned deathly pale as an astonished look appeared in his eyes.

"Ah, so it's Fellow Daoist Cha of the Stone Pupa Race. I'm honored to have caught your eye; how about you stay with me for a few days after the auction? Perhaps we'll be a match made in heaven," Hu Yushuang giggled in a seductive manner, but a cold look had appeared in her eyes.

The middle-aged man forced a smile onto his face, and said, "I was only joking, Fairy Hu; I wouldn't dare to harbor such impure intentions toward you!"

He then hurriedly sat back down as if he were fleeing from a deadly scorpion.

"So that was only a joke? In that case, I'd advise you to be careful with your words. I'll let things slide on this occasion, but if anyone tries to make similar jokes, then I won't be so forgiving." Huang Yushuang's smile abruptly faded as she spoke, and her seductive aura turned into an extremely cold and forbidding one.

The middle-aged man's expression darkened further upon hearing this, but he didn't dare to say anything in response.

All of the other people on the plaza were quite alarmed by what they had just witnessed, and they didn't dare to appraise Hu Yushuang in the same brazen manner anymore.

"That's enough time-wasting, little girl. I didn't come here to watch you put on a show; hurry up and bring out the auction items." A displeased elderly voice suddenly rang out from one of the silver stone cabins.

Hu Yushuang's heart jolted slightly upon hearing this, and she hurriedly extended an apologetic bow. "Please forgive me, Senior; I'll present the first auction item right away."

She then quickly made a hand seal before pointing a finger in a certain direction, and a white jade table immediately emerged from a light formation beneath the stone platform.

Sitting on the table were three wooden boxes of different sizes, each of which was enshrouded under a white light barrier.

"This first auction item isn't something that can be found on the Tian Yuan Continent; it's a small vial of Golden Lightning Lion bone marrow that the trade guild only managed to obtain from the Thunder Continent after expending extensive efforts." Hu Yushuang pointed a finger at one of the light barriers as she spoke, and the wooden box within that light barrier was immediately drawn into her grasp.

"Golden Lightning Lion marrow?"

"Is it real? Even those of us who've never been to the Thunder Continent have heard of Golden Lightning Lions."

"To think that this is only the first auction item; this auction really is different from past editions."

Another stir ran through the entire hall as many people immediately directed their attention toward the small wooden box.

Hu Yushuang gently laid a hand down onto the box's lid with a seductive smile, and the lid immediately sprang off on its own, revealing a palm-sized purple vial with a faint silver talisma

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