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In addition to the ball of silver light, even the nearby space had been severed by the green line, creating a massive black rift.

After all of the silver light faded, the green line was revealed once again, and the space either side of the green line had turned completely black and white.

The section above the green line remained unchanged, but that was only because it was being shielded by a five-colored light barrier.

In contrast, there was an inky-black spatial rift beneath the green line, and the spatial power emanating from the rift was spreading in all directions in a frenzy, as if it were going to devour the entire area.

Everyone couldn't help but pause upon seeing this before sweeping their spiritual sense toward this direction.

After ascertaining the situation, the Asura Spiders were very alarmed, while Mo Jianli and the others were ecstatic.

The brocade-robed man hadn't been killed by the attack, but his lower body was already nowhere to be seen, and there was sweat pouring down his forehead as he held a five-colored shield, which had conjured up the light barrier that had saved his upper body.

The light barrier was formed by the five-colored runes surging out of the shield, and it was keeping the black spatial rift down below at bay.

"That's a complete Profound Heavenly Treasure! Without the power of laws of that treasure, there's no way you would've been able to break through my law of time!" the brocade-robed man roared with a panicked expression.

Even for Grand Ascension Stage beings, Profound Heavenly Treasures were extremely rare, and the majority of Grand Ascension Stage beings never came into possession of a Profound Heavenly Treasure; it was already considered to be very good if they could obtain one or two Profound Heavenly Treasure replicas.

The brocade-robed man was quite outstanding among normal Grand Ascension Stage beings, but he wasn't fortunate enough to have come across a Profound Heavenly Treasure.

However, the fact that he had managed to survive two slashes from the Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword was already an indication of his incredible power.

"You're one to talk; you wouldn't be able to use you power of time either if not for those five swords," Han Li chuckled coldly as he took a step forward.

After unleashing that second slash, he had shrunk down even further to only just over 100 feet tall.

A dull thump rang out as the nearby space tremored, and Han Li covered a distance of over 1,000 feet in an instant, arriving directly above the brocade-robed man.

The world's origin Qi surged violently, and he unleashed a third strike with his green longsword without any hesitation.

A silver sword projection descended from above like a bright moon, bringing a burst of powerful law fluctuations along with it.

The brocade-robed man's face paled significantly upon seeing this. Never did he think that his opponent would have the power to unleash three at

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