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"Alright, but before that, we have to make some other preparations. Ying'er, tell them to begin," the green-robed woman said.

"Yes, Mother. Begin modifying the formation right away," Ying'er instructed. The remaining Asura Spiders immediately gave affirmative replies, then rose up into the air before flying toward the formation around the ice platform.

Some of them produced a series of formation treasures, while others summoned some other treasures of peculiar descriptions, and all of the treasures were tossed toward the ice platform.

As soon as these items fell into the formation, they vanished into the ground as a streak of light of different colors.

Immediately thereafter, the Asura Spiders began to chant incantations while making hand seals, then pointed their fingers down toward the formation incessantly from above.

As soon as this formation took shape, white cracks began to appear on the cylindrical ice platform at its center amid a string of crackling sounds.

These cracks quickly widened to around the width of human fingers, and following a resounding boom, the entire platform completely shattered, revealing a pond that was around 100 feet in radius.

The water in the pond was as clear as a mirror, and as soon as it appeared, a pillar of white light rose up into the air.

However, the pillar of light only made it to an altitude of just over 1,000 feet before a faint blue light barrier was released by the formation down below, encompassing everyone as well as close to half of the entire valley.

The pillar of light struck the light barrier, and the former instantly shattered into specks of white light, then spread through the surrounding area as white glacial Qi.

Large sheets of ice appeared in mid-air in the wake of this glacial Qi, and it quickly converged toward Han Li and the others.

However, everyone remained completely unfazed as they released layers of protective spiritual light to keep the ice at bay.

"The glacial Qi here doesn't seem to be as fearsome as I imagined," Hei Lin scoffed as he swept his spiritual sense toward the glacial Qi.

"Is that so? Why don't you take a look at this?" The green-robed woman swept a hand toward the pond as she spoke, and several balls of red light immediately appeared around the pond, then rose up into the air, where they were suspended in a completely still manner.

The balls of light contained a scepter, a mirror, a crystal ball, and a ring.

The four treasures were all giving off scorching auras to eradicate the glacial Qi around them.

As soon as the four treasures emerged, the pond down below began to bubble, and the pillar of light it was releasing turned a far more substantial shade of white.

Immediately thereafter, the glacial Qi within the light barrier became over 10 times as potent as it had originally been.

In the face of this formidable glacial Qi, everyone's protective spiritual light was beginning to flash incessantly,

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