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After seven or eight more waves of golden light fell into the silver cauldron, the rumbling ringing out from within the cauldron suddenly turned into a piercing screech, and Yue Long's expression changed drastically upon seeing this.

"Fellow Daoist Han, please keep the power of heaven and earth at bay until I refine all of the power in the cauldron first."

As soon as his voice trailed off, Yue Long opened his mouth to expel several more balls of blood essence.

After absorbing so much blood essence, the spirit flames beneath the cauldron rose up in a frenzy to encompass virtually the entire cauldron, and the color of the flames also turned into a crimson-golden hue.

The temperature of the flames was so high that the surrounding space was warping drastically, and all of the materials in the cauldron had turned into boiling bubbling liquid with specks of golden light flashing within it.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly as he pointed a finger forward, and five-colored light flashed within the stone formation, following which all of the giant rocks began to revolve at an incredible speed.

The pillars of golden light that plunged into the formation were stalled for even longer and emerged on the other side even more debilitated than before.

At the same time, Han Li raised his other hand to send a burst of black light flying through the air, and it transformed into a black cloud that was several acres in area to sweep up the pillars of golden light.

Traces of light were flashing incessantly within the black cloud, and it was none other than the black net that Yue Long had given Han Li earlier.

The net appeared to be very thin and fragile, but the golden light was completely unable to escape out of it and could only bounce around inside the net as if it were a living being.

Meanwhile, Han Li was making hand seals in the distance, clearly controlling the treasure from afar.

Yue Long was greatly encouraged upon seeing this, and he began to refine the materials in the cauldron with all his might.

Over 100 palm-sized translucent golden bricks were slowly taking shape in the giant cauldron, and only after close to 100 pillars of golden light had accumulated within the black cloud did Yue Long suddenly yell, "You can release the power of heaven and earth now, Brother Han."

Han Li nodded in response before swiping a finger toward the black cloud from afar, and the black cloud was parted down the middle, forming a gash to allow the pillars of golden light to plunge into the cauldron again.

Thus, the process repeated itself over and over again with Han Li stopping or releasing the pillars of golden light using the black cloud as instructed by Yue Long, and with his assistance, Yue Long was able to focus wholeheartedly on refining the materials in the giant cauldron while perfectly controlling the amount of power of heaven and earth infused into the materials.

However, as time passed, the number of pill

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