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As soon as his voice trailed off, he opened his mouth to release the Domain Bead without waiting for a reply from the Space Fish beings.

As soon as the bead emerged, it began to revolve on the spot before releasing a burst of five-colored light.

As the burst of light swept over the plaza, all of the Space Fish beings quickly vanished, and after just a few seconds, the plaza was completely empty.

Han Li also vanished in a flash amid a burst of spatial fluctuations, then reappeared within a mysterious space.

Most of the space was comprised of a massive body of water with only four islands, one large and three small, at its center.

Han Li had appeared directly above the largest island, and he quickly caught sight of the Space Fish beings that had just been transferred into this space.

All of them were standing on a lawn, appraising their surroundings with elation in their eyes.

"So this is the realm within the Domain Bead. Build some houses and reside in here for now; I'll release all of you from the bead once I find a suitable place for you to live," Han Li instructed in an implacable voice.

"Yes, Master!" the Space Fish Chieftain replied without any hesitation as he extended a deep bow, and all of the other Space Fish beings echoed him as they fell to their knees.

"Hehe, there's no need for such formalities," Han Li said with a faint smile before stepping forward to depart from this space.

Only then did the chieftain repress his excitement before calling out to his brethren, and they began to find a suitable place to live on the islands.

Meanwhile, Han Li reappeared in the outside world before descending onto the ground, where he sat down with crossed legs before closing his eyes.

He could already sense an invisible force rejecting him from all directions, and it was quite uncomfortable.

Time slowly passed, and after a long while, a burst of peculiar energy fluctuations suddenly erupted overhead, while a blanket of dark clouds appeared.

The air around Han Li began to twist and warp, making it impossible to see through it.

All of a sudden, Han Li opened his eyes and flipped a hand over to produce a certain item, which then instantly exploded.

A thick bolt of silver lightning came crashing down from above, and Han Li vanished on the spot in a flash amid the lightning.


A burst of loud rumbling rang out on the summit of a barren mountain in the Spirit Realm, and a white spatial rift was opened up, following which a ball of five-colored light emerged from within.

The ball of light then transformed into a giant light formation that was over 100 feet in size.

In the next instant, a burst of spatial fluctuations surged forth amid flashes of countless arcs of lightning, and Han Li stumbled out of the formation.

He took a moment to steady himself, and the spatial rift and formation below it both disappeared amid a dull thump.

Everything returned to normal, and a

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