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High-grade Flying Spirit beings of different descriptions were constantly entering and exiting these buildings, presenting quite a lively and bustling sight to behold.

All of a sudden, the sky abruptly darkened, and Yue Long descended upon the basin amid a gust of fierce winds.

All of the Flying Spirit beings in the basin immediately stopped what they were doing before hurriedly kneeling down onto the ground and kowtowing to Yue Long.

"This is one of my seven cave abodes, and the construction is rather special. Come and take a look with me, Fellow Daoist Han," Yue Long said to Han Li as he pointed at the stone pagoda down below.

Han Li nodded in response before slowly descending toward the pagoda, while Yue Long flew directly into the entrance on the top floor of the pagoda.

Around 15 minutes later, Han Li found himself seated on a golden chair in a lavish hall.

Yue Long was seated across from him in another golden chair, holding a green wine cup with an enthusiastic expression.

"Brother Han, this Origin Elixir Wine is a rare spirit wine brewed from 49 different types of spirit herbs, and not only is it very effective for magic power recovery, it can also improve focus and alertness."

"This is indeed a fine wine; you sure know how to enjoy yourself, Fellow Daoist," Han Li praised with a smile after taking a sip of the wine.

Yue Long's smile became even more pronounced upon hearing this. "If you like it, then have some more."

"Don't mind if I do," Han Li chuckled before downing all of the wine in his cup, then drew the wine flagon on the table into his grasp before refilling his cup.

"Haha, I'm glad you like the wine, Brother Han. Aside from that, I have some treasures that you won't find anywhere else; why don't you take a look at them as well?" Yue Long said with a smile before clapping his hands together.

The sound of footsteps rang out outside, and three female servants made their way into the room with their heads lowered before arranging themselves into a row in front of Han Li.

Han Li only took a brief glance at the trio of female servants before turning his attention to the silver platters they were carrying.

On each platter sat a palm-sized translucent brick with smooth surfaces, one of which was yellow, another one was blue, and the final one was red.

The three bricks were giving off earth, water, and fire attribute auras, respectively, and Han Li's expression immediately changed slightly as he swept his spiritual sense over them.

Furthermore, the purity of their auras was far superior to that of top-grade spirit stones.

Yue Long had been appraising Han Li's expression this entire time, and upon seeing the surprised look that had appeared on Han Li's face, he smiled, and said, "What do you think of these Extreme Origin Crystals, Brother Han? They were all refined by me, and they can be extremely effective both as tool refinement materials or as spirit stone substitutes

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