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Han Li transmitted his voice to the blood soul and the others as he was exiting the secret chamber, and by the time he emerged from the front gate, they were already waiting respectfully for him.

Han Li instructed Patriarch Hua Shi and the 12 fragrant maidens to stay behind, taking only the blood soul and Zhu Guo'er with him as they flew toward the center of the town.

Shortly thereafter, other people also began to emerge from the nearby clusters of buildings, as well as the other guest pavilions elsewhere in the town, and all of them converged toward the same place.

By the time Han Li arrived above the pagoda, many people had already entered the building.

Han Li took a glance at the armored guards standing outside the pagoda, then descended in front of the entrance with the blood soul and Zhu Guo'er.

Right at this moment, Fei Yun emerged from within the pagoda in an elegant manner, then extended a curtsey toward Han Li.

"Welcome to our auction, Senior Han. If you don't mind, please allow me to guide you into the venue."

She seemed to have been waiting here in advance.

Han Li wasn't surprised by this at all, and he nodded with a faint smile in response. "Please lead the way, Fairy Fei Yun."

Fei Yun immediately waved a hand toward the guards, and Han Li's group was granted entry into the pagoda without any examination required.

As soon as he strode into the pagoda, Han Li immediately detected a burst of peculiar energy fluctuations, and the surrounding scenery quickly faded.

It seemed that he had only taken one step, but he had appeared directly in front of the staircase on the first floor of the pagoda.

There were two pale-skinned foreign beings on the staircase ahead of him, and they completely vanished into thin air amid a flash of light, leaving only traces of residual spatial fluctuations in their wake.

"So this is the true entrance to the auction venue?" Han Li asked.

"That's right, this staircase will take you directly into the space where the auction is being held," Fei Yun replied with a smile.

Han Li nodded in response, then stepped onto the staircase, upon which he and the others immediately began to warp amid a burst of spatial power...

A short while later, Han Li and the others were situated in an elegant booth that was over 100 feet in size.

There was a near-transparent light barrier directly up ahead, and through it, a giant plaza was visible down below.

Around the plaza were countless people and stone chairs, while around 50 to 60 silver stone cabins were hovering just over 100 feet in the air over the edge of the plaza.

Each stone cabin had golden runes all over their surfaces, and it was impossible for those outside to glean what the people in the cabins were up to.

Han Li was situated in one of these cabins with Fei Yun standing beside him with a smile on her face.

This setup didn't appear to be any different from that of a normal auction, but H

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