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"What? My grandfather is going to be transcending his tribulation in seven days? Why is the tribulation arriving so soon?" Silvermoon exclaimed in a panicked manner.

They had just arrived in the teleportation hall of Deep Heaven City, and the elder that was on duty was the one who had just informed them of this terrible news.

"There seemed to have been some type of mishap during Senior Ao Xiao's seclusion, so he's forced to transcend his tribulation in advance, and no further delay is possible. For this purpose, the holy island had borrowed some treasures from our city. Otherwise, we wouldn't even have heard about this," the elder replied with a wry smile, then cast a respectful gaze toward Han Li and Mo Jianli.

"Even if we use all of the teleportation formations available to us, there's no way we'll be able to deliver a Sanqing Lightning Talisman to him in seven days; we'll only have a chance if Brother Ao can last a few days while facing the heavenly tribulation," Mo Jianli said with a grim expression.

"Let's get back to the holy island right away then; perhaps we'll be able to make it in time. Teleport us to the nearest city to the holy island!" Han Li instructed.

The elder's heart jolted slightly upon hearing this, and he immediately bowed as he replied, "Yes, Senior!"

He then instructed the guards in the hall to undo the restrictions on a certain teleportation formation before quickly planting some spirit stones onto it.

Once the preparations were complete, Silvermoon immediately rushed into the formation, while Han Li and the others followed closely behind her.

Shortly thereafter, Han Li's trio vanished amid a flash of spiritual light.

Nine days later, a giant black ark suddenly appeared near the holy island before speeding directly toward the island.

The patrolling guards hurriedly flew toward the ark, but upon seeing the large ancient rune engraved on the front of the ark, all of them immediately drew to a halt before extending respectful bows toward the flying treasure.

Before the ark had even reached them, an urgent voice rang out from inside. "Is Ao Xiao transcending his tribulation on the island?"

Immediately thereafter, Mo Jianli emerged from the ark.

"We pay our respects to Senior Mo! Senior Ao Xiao currently isn't on the holy island. Instead, he’s transcending his tribulation in the Red Cloud Valley around 50,000 kilometers away; all of the elders of the holy island have gone to assist him as well," Spatial Tempering Stage guard hurriedly replied.

"Red Cloud Valley?" Mo Jianli murmured to himself before immediately getting back onto the ark which sped toward another direction at an incredible speed, leaving the guards to look on with befuddled expressions.

Close to an hour later, the giant black ark was still speeding through the air with Han Li, Mo Jianli, and Silvermoon all standing at the front.

The three of them looked on with grim expressions, and Silvermoon was

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