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All of a sudden, spiritual light flashed from the five longswords, and a burst of law fluctuations erupted, upon which the pair of mountains were sent flying backward.

In the next instant, the two mountains appeared above Han Li before crashing down with tremendous force.

Han Li attempted to communicate with the two treasures and instruct them to stop, only to discover that it was as if his spiritual sense connection with them had been severed.

Han Li's heart jolted upon seeing this, but his expression remained unchanged as he thrust his palms gently toward the pair of extreme mountains.

In the instant that his palms were thrust upward, silver light flashed from his palms, and around a dozen layers of silver formations were conjured up.

Two earth-shattering booms rang out, and gusts of fierce winds swept forth in all directions, but Han Li managed to stop the two extreme mountains in the end, following which all of the silver formations vanished amid a flash of silver light.

In the instant Han Li's hands came into contact with the pair of extreme mountains, the spiritual sense connection was recovered, and he immediately stowed the pair of treasures away.

At this moment, the brocade-robed man was still maintaining his original posture and hadn't taken advantage of this opportunity to unleash any further attacks.

Han Li cast his gaze toward him, and said, "I didn't think that you would be able to use the power of the law of time. Having said that, it's quite forced, so you must be relying on something to unleash this power."

"Hmph, so what if my usage is a little forced? With the power of the law of time on my side, there's no way you can defeat me. The fact that you've managed to identify this power right away tells that you've seen it before elsewhere, is that right?" the brocade-robed man harrumphed coldly.

He then pointed a finger forward, and the five translucent swords tremored slightly, following which the nearby law fluctuations gradually dissipated.

A hint of enlightenment appeared in Han Li's as he cast his gaze toward the five swords, and he replied, "I have indeed witnessed the same power elsewhere in the past, and I had thought that only the Asura Spiders would be able to wield this power in this realm. It seems like you must've been in this realm for a very long time and thoroughly earned the trust of these Asura Spiders. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been granted such incredible benefits. However, if you think this will be enough for you to avoid defeat, then you're dead wrong."

As soon as his voice trailed off, brilliant purplish-golden light erupted from his body, and he swelled to around 1,000 feet in size in the blink of an eye.

Immediately thereafter, he opened his mouth to expel several balls of light of different colors, each of which was releasing a unique yet formidable aura.

The balls of light contained projections of several types of true spirit beings, and at the s

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