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"Go!" the thin elderly man immediately yelled upon seeing this, then raised his giant silver hammer up high before sending it crashing down viciously toward the center of the stone platform.

A rumbling boom rang out as a bolt of thick silver lightning hurtled down toward the giant green tree from above.

He knew that their opponents were also Grand Ascension Stage beings, so he wouldn't be able to subdue them in a short time. Thus, he had decided to target this massive tree with his attack.

He didn't know what purpose this tree was meant to serve, but destroying it was definitely the right thing to do.

The other three elders naturally sprang into action without any hesitation as well.

Seven or eight treasures rose up into the air in unison amid a loud buzzing sound, then combined to form a massive mountain that came crashing down viciously from above.

Even before the giant mountain had actually landed, it released a storm of invisible threads that were threatening to punch countless holes into the two treasure thieves along with the stone platform beneath them.

However, the black-robed man suddenly vanished into the giant tree in a flash amid a burst of raucous laughter.

As for the short elderly man, he also sped into the massive tree as a streak of light.

The silver lightning struck the tree in the blink of an eye, and countless arcs of lightning sprang over its surface.

A charred smell began to waft through the air, and the tree quickly wilted away into ashes, but the duo that was supposed to be inside it was nowhere to be seen.

"They got away!"

The thin elderly man was stunned to see this, as were all of the other trade guild elders.

Many formations had been set up in this place in advance, including five or six flight restrictions, so it was incredible that those two had managed to teleport away so easily.

"Don't panic, this space is like an impregnable fortress; there's no way that those two could've gotten away. Hold on... They managed to obtain entry talismans that are available only to the elders of this guild, and they've torn through the restrictions to escape! We have to stop them!"That voice belonged to Ming Zun, and initially, it was quite calm and collected, but it suddenly took a drastic turn as Ming Zun discovered something using his spiritual sense.

Immediately thereafter, a ball of golden light emerged in mid-air before vanishing into the distance after just a few flashes.

The elders' expressions changed slightly upon seeing this, and they also set off in pursuit, leaving the auction attendees to exchange bewildered glances with one another.

Only then did Hu Yushuang return to the stone platform in a pale-faced manner, then forced a smile onto her own face as she offered everyone some words of consolation. All of the Grand Ascension Stage beings in the flying cabins all wore different expressions upon witnessing this sudden turn of events, but none of them depa

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