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Within a secretive and heavily-guarded hall in the underground world was a giant formation that was releasing resplendent five-colored light.

Around a dozen black-armored guards were busy at work in the formation, quickly placing one top-grade spirit stone after another into the slots on the formation.

At the same time, there were over fifty other people standing in the hall outside the formation.

Among them, there were only five Grand Ascension Stage beings, while the rest were mostly comprised of Body Integration Stage beings, and only seven or eight were of a lower cultivation base than that; the blood soul and Zhu Guo'er were naturally included in that final group.

Han Li was standing in one corner of the hall with the two women and Patriarch Hua Shi, calmly appraising the busy guards inside the formation.

The 12 fragrant maidens naturally couldn't be teleported to the Blood Sky Continent with them, so the trade guild was tasked with sending them to the human race.

The other Grand Ascension Stage beings in the hall were clearly very proud, and they were split up into distinct groups with their respective entourages, displaying no intention to communicate with one another.

The other foreign beings didn't even dare to look at Han Li and the other Grand Ascension Stage beings as they also waited in silence.

All of a sudden, the sound of footsteps rang out, and Ming Zun strode into the hall with Fairy Fei Yun.

All of the Grand Ascension Stage beings immediately directed their attention toward the duo, and Han Li also did the same after gently tapping a green bracelet on his wrist.

This seemingly ordinary storage bracelet was none other than Tian Fei'er.

"Fellow daoists, this teleportation formation can generally only be used once every century, so I came here in person to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the teleportation," Ming Zun said with a smile, and his gaze lingered on Han Li momentarily before he looked away.

"Hehe, with you here in person, I'm sure nothing will go wrong here, Brother Ming," an extremely thin and tall Grand Ascension Stage being said with a smile.

Everyone else also offered some words of gratitude with smiles on their faces.

Ming Zun was one of the most powerful figures in the trade guild, so no one dared to show any disrespect toward him. Ming Zun spoke briefly with the other four Grand Ascension Stage beings one after another before finally getting to Han Li.

He cupped his fist in a salute, and said, "I've heard much about you, Brother Han. If it weren't for the mishap that had taken place during the auction, I had planned to pay you a visit in person; please forgive me for failing to do so."

"You're far too kind, Brother Ming; I was quite honored to have met so many fellow daoists of the same cultivation base as myself during the auction," Han Li replied with a smile as he returned the salute.

The other Grand Ascension Stage beings were quite surp

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