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"Facing another Grand Ascension Stage being in battle isn't a simple matter; I'll have to think about this first," Daoist San Quan replied with tightly furrowed brows.

"Of course. How about this? I'll wait here for your decision for a few days. If you're willing to come with me within the next three days, then we'll set off together. Otherwise, I'll visit Fellow Daoist Chou Yuan of the Blood Vendetta Canyon; the Essence Sucking Arts he's cultivated are extremely effective against even fellow Grand Ascension Stage beings," Huang Yuanzi replied.

"Alright, I'll give you a response within three days," Daoist San Quan said with a nod, then made a hand seal, following which he abruptly vanished from the grassland.

As for Huang Yuanzi, he swept a sleeve through the air to release a ball of golden light, which transformed into a resplendent palace on the grassland.

Several beautiful women in palatial dresses emerged from the palace, then extended respectful curtseys toward Huang Yuanzi while referring to him as their master.

Huang Yuanzi smiled as he made his way into the palace.


Above the sea near the Flying Spirit Race, a giant black ark was flying through the sky.

On the deck of the ark stood around a dozen Devil Crystal Puppet warriors that were giving off powerful auras.

Whenever a reckless sea beast leaped out of the sea to attack the ark, several puppets would immediately release pillars of light to instantly vaporize those sea beasts.

In a refined and elegant hall on the top floor of the giant ark was a silver chair, on which Han Li sat with his eyes closed, seemingly pondering something.

Patriarch Hua Shi and Zhu Guo'er were both standing behind the chair in a respectful manner.

Even though this wasn't Han Li's first time entering the primordial world and he was using the Inkspirit Holy Ark as a transportation device, it had still taken him over two years to reach this place from the Boundless Sea.

On another chair near Han Li sat a white-robed woman with a pair of red eyes and a strange red rune on her glabella.

"We're about to enter the Flying Spirit Race territory soon, Fellow Daoist Blood Soul. Is this your first time coming here?" Han Li asked with a smile.

The white-robed woman was none other than Fairy Ice Soul's blood soul clone, and Han Li had visited the Xu Family to take her on this journey with him prior to entering the primordial world.

The woman immediately extended a respectful bow as she replied, "That's right, I've never come into contact with the Flying Spirit Race, but I've heard that they possess several types of renowned abilities that are related to true spirit beings."

"I've visited the Flying Spirit Race in the past, and one of my good friends is residing in the area. Seeing as we're passing through, I plan to pay him a visit along the way. Speaking of which, is the information about the available spot to teleport to the foreign continent really

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