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"I stayed on the Blood Sky Continent for quite some time, so I do indeed have some knowledge on it. Blood Dao devilish arts are the most common cultivation arts on the Blood Sky Continent; almost four or five out of every 10 cultivators on that continent are using cultivation arts of this nature. The Blood Dao sects on the continent are also extremely powerful and can be referred to as the supreme powers on the continent. As for the mysterious inheritances you mentioned, they do exist, and many people have cultivated them in secret.

"However, these cultivators are sworn enemies of the Blood Dao sects, and most of them are extremely secretive, so they're extremely hard to encounter. I once encountered a mysterious cultivator who claimed that he had cultivated witchcraft, and he had a few wooden puppets that were able to easily destroy many powerful enemies of his," the blood soul replied.

"Witchcraft, eh? This type of inheritance has appeared on several occasions on our Tian Yuan Continent in ancient times, but they seem to have been immediately destroyed in unified efforts by the powerful beings on the continent at the time. I didn't think that such inheritances would still exist on the Blood Sky Continent; it looks like we'll have to be careful during our trip. By the way, which power did you make enemies out of during your time on the Blood Sky Continent?" Han Li asked.

"That would be the Blood Bone Sect, one of the major Blood Dao sects. However, I'm only at the Spatial Tempering Stage, and the enemy that I made was only one of the elders of the Blood Bone Sect. So many years have already passed; perhaps they've already given up on me. Even in the worst-case scenario, I can just alter my appearance slightly, and that should avoid any unnecessary trouble," the blood soul replied.

"There's no need for you to alter your appearance. The Blood Sky Continent isn't as vast as the two continents, but it'll still be very difficult for you to encounter your enemies. Even if you do, I'll take care of them for you," Han Li said in a nonchalant manner.

The blood soul was ecstatic to hear this. "I'll be thanking you in advance then, Senior."

Just as the blood soul was communicating with Han Li, the woman in purple was also delivering a report to the red-haired elderly man by the name of Ming Zun.

"So he accepted the fragrant maidens, but refused all of the other presents," the elderly man confirmed.

"That's right," the woman in purple replied.

"Interesting. It seems that it won't be that easy to appease him, but he's not entirely refusing our guild, either. Fei Yun, if Fellow Daoist Han makes any requests to you, then do your best to fulfill them; there's no need to report back to me any further," the elderly man said with a faint smile.

"Master Ming Zun, may I ask why we're trying to recruit this senior? Even if he's more powerful than the average Grand Ascension Stage being, there's never been any other Grand Asce

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