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"You said that's only one reason; what about the other ones?" the Mayfly Race Grand Ascension Stage being asked.

"The other reason is that even though this drop of spirit blood is clearly an extraordinary item, our trade guild still hasn't been able to find a good way to use it. All we know is that water that the blood has been soaked in for some time can become spirit liquid that can regenerate magic power, but there's no way to extract the fearsome power contained within the blood essence, nor can we find any way to refine it," Hu Yushuang explained.

"This spirit blood can't be refined?" a Grand Ascension Stage being exclaimed.

"Hehe, this Ancestral Dragon blood definitely has many extraordinary uses; if it can be easily refined, then our guild wouldn't be putting it up for auction. However, many of the fellow daoists present are extremely powerful beings, so just because our guild is unable to accomplish something doesn't mean that the same applies for all of you. If you can truly refine this spirit blood, perhaps it wouldn't even be impossible for you to directly ascend to the True Immortal Realm. Of course, if you don't have confidence in your ability to find a refinement method, then it would be best not to participate in the bidding," Hu Yushuang replied.

"Even if this isn't Ancestral Dragon blood, the fact that it contains such fearsome energy means that it definitely belonged to an unimaginably powerful being; I'm determined to take it for myself!" a Grand Ascension Stage being declared in a calm voice.

"Haha, you can't just decide that for yourself; everyone else has to agree first. Junior Hu, go ahead and begin the bidding," another Grand Ascension Stage being chuckled.

No one from the other silver cabins said anything, but the tense aura in the air clearly indicated that they were all tempted by the golden spirit blood as well.

As for the Body Integration and Spatial Tempering Stage attendees on the plaza down below, they were all staring at the drop of blood essence with wide eyes.

There was no way that they would be able to obtain such an incredible item, but just being able to witness it was worth the trip here.

"The base price for this spirit blood is 1,000,000,000 spirit stones; let the bidding..."

"Please wait a moment, I seem to have some recollection of this item, but I'm unable to recall exactly what it is. Would it be possible for me to examine it up close?" A male voice rang out, following which a black-robed man with an ordinary appearance rose to his feet on the plaza.

"You recognize this spirit blood, Fellow Daoist?" Hu Yushuang's expression immediately changed slightly upon hearing this.

Everyone else also turned their attention toward the black-robed man with surprised expressions, and even the four trade guild elders had opened their eyes to see what he had to say.

"Does this spirit blood release a burst of five-colored light once every 24 hours?" the black-robed m

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