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"I'm naturally aware of that as well, which is why I suggest we make a big commotion while removing these restrictions. Even if Qing Yuanzi can resist the urge to use the measures he's set up, he definitely won't be able to focus wholeheartedly on transcending his tribulation. Fellow Daoist San Quan, we'll be counting on you," Huang Yuanzi said with a cold smile.

"Rest assured, leave it to me," Daoist San Quan replied.

Immediately thereafter, he made a hand seal, and a white cloud instantly appeared beneath his feet before carrying him toward the valley.

Huang Yuanzi and the Immortal Heavenly Lord quickly followed along behind him as two streaks of light.

After advancing for no more than 100 kilometers, a rumbling boom suddenly rang out, and the surrounding area blurred before the trio found themselves situated in a forest of giant trees.

Each tree was around 1,000 feet tall and was entirely black in color, making it look as if they were constructed from black steel.

In the instant that the trio appeared in the forest, the surrounding trees began to tremor violently before toppling toward the three of them, sending fierce gusts of wind sweeping down from above.

"What a crude formation; it's downright laughable to think that such a restriction is being used against me," Daoist San Quan chuckled.

Immediately thereafter, he swept his sleeves forward, and bursts of yellow Qi surged forth in a frenzy before spreading in all directions.

As soon as the giant black trees were swept up by the yellow Qi, they were immediately sent flying like feathers in the wind, then disintegrated into sand amid a string of dull thumps.

The surrounding area warped and twisted, then reverted back to the same scenery as before.

Thus, the trio continued onward, and both Huang Yuanzi and the Immortal Heavenly Lord were quite elated to see this.

After flying for less than 10 kilometers, several of the hills down below suddenly began to glow, and three formations, each of which was around an acre in size, appeared on the summits of the hills in unison. Countless fireballs were then conjured up before hurtling toward the trio in a torrential storm.

A disdainful look appeared on Daoist San Quan's face upon seeing this, and he pointed a finger forward, releasing three green threads of light that transformed into three thick pillars of light in a flash.

Three earth-shattering booms rang out as the pillars of light flashed through the fiery storm like three agile snakes, then struck the three formations down below with devastating might, instantly razing the three hills to the ground.

Daoist San Quan wasn't even delayed in the slightest as he continued onward, followed closely by the elated Huang Yuanzi and Immortal Heavenly Lord.

Even though Qing Yuanzi had set up many restrictions, the ones on the outskirts were quite ordinary and were only there to deal with intruders of lowly cultivation bases.

Only the restr

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