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Several days later, Han Li reopened his eyes, and at this point, he had already refined the Xuan Wu True Blood.

He immediately made a hand seal, transforming into a giant black turtle amid a flash of radiant light.

The turtle was around 50 to 60 feet tall and took up virtually the entire secret chamber. There were countless runes surging over its black shell, forming a light barrier that presented quite a mystical sight to behold.

In terms of overall ability, this Xuan Wu form couldn't even begin to compare with his other transformations, but it definitely possessed the best defensive prowess.

This was a conclusion Han Li quickly arrived at after briefly inspecting the Xuan Wu form, and it came as no surprise to him.

After all, Xuan Wu had always been renowned for its durability among all true spirit beings.

The giant turtle disappeared amid another flash of light, and Han Li reverted back to his human form.

After taking a moment to settle the unrest in the energy within his body brought on by the transformation, he swept a sleeve through the air, and the bead that had been forced into a corner of the secret chamber came flying back toward him.

This was none other than the Domain Bead, and Han Li inspected it briefly before making a hand seal, upon which he abruptly vanished from inside the secret chamber.

In the next instant, Han Li re-emerged within the Domain Bead, hovering directly above the same giant island.

He looked down but failed to see anyone, so he released his spiritual sense to quickly sweep over the entire island, upon which his brows furrowed slightly.

There wasn't a single Space Fish being on the island.

Han Li then laid a finger onto his own glabella, and the spiritual sense that he was releasing was instantly enhanced by severalfold.

His enormous spiritual sense immediately expanded to encompass all of the other islands as well, and as a result, he finally discovered something.

He immediately flew toward a certain direction as a streak of azure light, and moments later, he appeared above one of the small islands amid a burst of spatial fluctuations.

He cast his gaze downward, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

The barren island was now riddled with a series of brand new triangular buildings of different heights, and there were many Space Fish beings making their way in and out of these buildings.

As soon as Han Li appeared, some of the most powerful Space Fish beings immediately noticed him, and they hurriedly fell to their knees with awe and veneration in their eyes.

As a result, everyone else noticed him as well, and they quickly fell to their knees as well.

Moments later, all of the Space Fish beings were gathered beneath Han Li, standing with their hands hanging respectfully by their sides.

"Master, you've finally visited us again," the chieftain said as he rose up into the air with an elated expression.

"Am I not welcome here?" Han L

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