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"So the two of you know of space-time power as well. In that case, I won't have to explain why I decided to listen to what she has to say," Han Li said.

Xue Ran and Hei Lin exchanged a grim glance, following which the former continued, "If this woman really has mastered space-time power, then our chances of victory are indeed quite slim, so let's listen to her. However, we won't give up on the objective of our trip easily."

Han Li turned to Ying'er, and said, "I'm sure you heard my companions; we can give you a chance, but if you can't satisfy us, you may be able to escape, but your brethren will be in dire straits."

"Hmph, it sounds like you think us Asura Spiders are nothing more than sitting ducks. If the battle had continued, who knows what the outcome would've been?" the green-robed woman on the city wall harrumphed coldly.

"Oh? Then why don't we continue and find out?" Hei Lin replied with a cold smile.

Ying'er raised a hand to put an end to the argument, then turned to Han Li as she said, "Please stop and listen to me. I heard that you ventured into this realm for the cores of my brethren, is that correct? Would you be willing to leave this realm after you obtain the cores?"

"That's right. However, we only want mature Asura Spider cores; anything else won't be of any use to us. You told me through voice transmission earlier that you could satisfy this request; could it be that you're willing to hand over your own cores?" Han Li asked as his eyes narrowed slightly, and the expressions of all of the Asura Spiders changed slightly upon hearing this.

For an Asura Spider, losing their core didn't spell instant death, but it could result in a whole host of severe and debilitating after-effects.

"That's naturally not possible. However, we do have the cores of some of our past mature brethren in our possession, and we can offer some of those to you," Ying'er replied with a smile.

"Absolutely not! Those cores are extremely important to us!" the green-robed woman instantly interjected.

Ying'er's brows furrowed slightly as she transmitted her voice toward the green-robed woman.

"Mother, I've already mastered the power of space-time, and I can bestow this power upon you as well, so we no longer require those cores. Besides, I'm not saying we should give these people the cores free of charge."

The green-robed woman's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, as if a thought had suddenly occurred to her.

Ying'er continued, "Have you forgotten the sacred treasure of the Space Fish Race? We've been unable to secure it due to a lack of manpower. If we can obtain that treasure, then it would be far better than keeping those cores that no longer have any value to us. Don't forget that space-time power is far more important than the individual power of time or space."

"Are you confident that you'll be able to further your mastery of spatial power once we obtain that treasure?" the green-robed woma

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