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It was clear that this Grand Ascension Stage being was unaware that he was competing with a mere Spatial Tempering Stage junior in the bidding.

The blood soul's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and she cast a hesitant gaze toward Han Li.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged as he said, "Rest assured, this is an auction, so the highest bidder wins. If you really need this item, you can secure it without any qualms."

"Thank you, Senior! Your words are greatly reassuring to me," the blood soul said in a grateful manner.

She then tapped the round disk a few more times before calling out a price of 45,000,000.

The price was raised by 3,000,000 in a single bid, and many of the auction attendees' hearts jolted upon hearing this.

The other Grand Ascension Stage bidder had also fallen silent, and after three calls of confirmation from Hu Yushuang, the new owner of the Golden Lightning Lion marrow was announced.

The blood soul was naturally ecstatic, and shortly thereafter, a servant of the trade guild was sent to deliver the item to her, upon which she promptly issued the required spirit stones.

"I didn't think you were this wealthy, Sister Blood Spirit; you pulled out such a large sum of spirit stones without even batting an eyelid," Zhu Guo'er said with a hint of envy in her eyes following the servant's departure.

At her age and cultivation base, she naturally didn't have anywhere near this number of spirit stones.

"These spirit stones were accumulated over a span of many years by my true body. I didn't think that something as rare as Golden Lightning Lion marrow would appear from the get-go. Otherwise, I would've definitely waited a bit longer. Now that I've purchased this item, I won't be able to purchase anything else during this auction," the blood soul sighed before stowing the small vial away amid a flash of spiritual light.

"I think you made a wise decision, Sister Blood Spirit. There will definitely be more precious auction items than this Golden Lightning Lion marrow, but the price will definitely be far higher as well. I'm sure many of the attendees were also quite hesitant as the auction has only just begun. Otherwise, the price for this item would've most likely been bid up even further," Zhu Guo'er said with a smile.

"It's a good thing that Senior Han is here with me. Otherwise, I definitely wouldn't have dared to bid against a Grand Ascension Stage being. Even if that Grand Ascension Stage being hadn't attended this auction, other people most likely wouldn't be willing to let this marrow slip through their grasp so easily, either," the blood soul said as she cast a grateful glance toward Han Li.

"I had thought that you would need to borrow some spirit stones from me, but it's naturally a good thing that you were able to afford this item on your own," Han Li replied with a faint smile, then cast his gaze toward the center of the plaza again.

Even Han Li had been rathe

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