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“Oh? Is it not Ancestral Dragon blood?” Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this.

"Not only is it not Ancestral Dragon blood, it has nothing to do with a true Ancestral Dragon; only people outside the dragon race would make such a mistake. Then again, it's an understandable mistake to make; the aura being given off by that drop of blood is indeed a true dragon aura," the black-robed man chuckled.

"It sounds like you know what it is; would you be able to tell me?" Han Li asked.

"Of course. In reality, this item is only useful to the dragon race and is completely useless for everyone else. It's true that it's a drop of blood essence, but it belongs to the Nightmare Dragon rather than the Ancestral Dragon," the black-robed man revealed.

"Nightmare Dragon?" Han Li's brows furrowed slightly with befuddlement; it was clearly his first time hearing such a name.

"It's no surprise that you haven't heard of the Nightmare Dragon; there aren't even many people in the dragon race who are aware of such an existence. The Nightmare Dragon is an existence in the True Immortal Realm that's no less powerful than the esteemed Ancestral Dragon, but it's the patriarch of the devilish dragons, which are the sworn enemies of us true dragons. This Nightmare Dragon blood most likely descended from the True Immortal Realm, and this is only one drop of eight in total," the black-robed man explained.

"Eight? There are that many?" Han Li was quite stunned to hear this.

"The elders of our race were able to detect this number through special methods using their bloodline power, and that's why some of my brethren and I were sent out to all the realms to recover these drops of Nightmare Dragon blood. Even though this blood contains extremely enormous power from the Nightmare Dragon itself, it's also imbued with chaotic power that can only be slowly refined by us true dragons over time. If anyone else tries to refine this blood by force, not only will they be unable to access the energy in it, their magic power will be contaminated, thereby transforming them into a projection clone of the Nightmare Dragon.

"The elders suspect that the Nightmare Dragon intentionally sent its blood down into the lower realms for this purpose. As the sworn enemies of the devilish dragons, we naturally can't allow this sinister plan to come into fruition," the black-robed man said with a serious expression.

"In that case, not only is this blood useless to the rest of us, it's extremely dangerous as well. Having said that, with his Nightmare Dragon blood, the power of your race will be drastically enhanced in the near future; perhaps there will even be some of you ascending to the True Immortal Realm," Han Li mused.

The black-robed man immediately shook his head in response. "Refining Nightmare Dragon blood is nowhere near as simple as you think, Fellow Daoist. The blood is indeed imbued with extraordinary power, but the chaotic power contained within it will

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