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Jin Yue's expression changed drastically upon hearing this, and she hurriedly fell to her knees again. "But Patriarch Yue, the Chi Rong Race is far too powerful for us to handle. If things continue like this, even if our Tian Peng Race isn't destroyed, it'll be reduced to a shell of its former self. Please uphold justice for us, Patriarch Yue!"

"Hmph, did you not hear what I just said or do you think I'm not doing a good job?" Yue Long harrumphed coldly as a formidable aura erupted out of his body.

Jin Yue immediately felt the air tighten around her, making her body feel extremely heavy. In the face of this fearsome aura, she was unable to even get up again.

Jin Yue's face paled even further as a horrified look appeared in her eyes. "Please forgive me, Patriarch Yue; I had no such intentions!"

"I know I shouldn't be getting involved, but Fellow Daoist Jin is an acquaintance of mine, so please do me a favor and give her some assistance," Han Li suddenly said with a smile as he swept a sleeve through the air.

The enormous force crushing Jin Yue to the ground was immediately disrupted and melted away like snow under the scorching sun.

Jin Yue was stunned to hear this, and she looked up at Han Li with a bewildered expression.

Instead of being enraged by Han Li's intervention, Yue Long immediately put on a smile as he replied, "If that's what Brother Han wants, then it can naturally be arranged. Jin Yue, hurry up and thank Fellow Daoist Han for his kindness."

"It's you!"

Jin Yue finally recognized Han Li, and her bewilderment became even more pronounced upon seeing Yue Long treating Han Li in such a respectful manner.

"What insolence! This is Fellow Daoist Han Li of the human race, and his powers are superior to even my own!" Yue Long scolded with a dark expression.

It took Jin Yue a moment to recover from her astonishment before she hurriedly extended a deep bow toward Han Li. "Fellow Daoist Han... no, Patriarch Han, please forgive me; I was simply caught off guard."

During their last meeting, Han Li had only been at the Body Integration Stage, yet now, even Yue Long was conceding his inferiority to Han Li; this drastic change was far too much for her to process.

Despite Jin Yue's cunning and steadfast nature, she was completely rooted to the spot.

"Alright, you can go now. I promised Fellow Daoist Han that I would look into this matter, so I'll definitely make some time to mediate for your two races," Yue Long instructed with a stern expression as he waved his hand in a dismissive manner.

Jin Yue's heart was still filled with astonishment and befuddlement, but she didn't dare to raise any objections. "Yes, Senior; I'll be taking my leave now."

However, as she rose to her feet, she couldn't help but take a look at Han Li again to make sure that he was indeed the same person that she was thinking of.

Han Li gave her a faint smile, then communicated a message to her through voice tra

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