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A cold smile appeared on Han Li's face as he made a hand seal, and powerful energy fluctuations immediately erupted out of the grey light barrier in a frenzy.

Upon making contact with these energy fluctuations, the thin threads were immediately shattered.

At the same time, the golden fist projections clashed with the balls of light released by the three giant python's heads, and even though the balls of light were imbued with incredible power, they were also promptly destroyed.

As for the giant black foot that was stomping down toward Han Li, it was tremoring violently in the face of the first projections, but it was still descending bit by bit.

A cold look flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and the giant Provenance True Devil Projection behind him suddenly vanished at his behest.

In the next instant, the space behind the Immortal Heavenly Lord twisted and warped, following which the giant golden body formed by the Provenance True Devil Projection emerged.

The golden body's three faces were completely expressionless, and two of its arms reached out like lightning before grabbing onto the Immortal Heavenly Lord's shoulders.

The Immortal Heavenly Lord's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he immediately tried to shrug off the golden body, but piercing purplish-golden light suddenly began to radiate from the golden body's hands, and the Immortal Heavenly Lord felt his own body become heavier all of a sudden, rooting him to the spot for an instant.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the golden body thrust its other four golden fists toward the giant's chest with devastating might.

The Immortal Heavenly Lord let loose an enraged roar, and a suit of dark green armor appeared over his entire body amid a flash of black light.

At the same time, the two curved horns on his head transformed into a pair of giant black blades that were plunged forward viciously.

Two dull thumps rang out as two of the golden body's fists were repelled by the horns, but the other two fists struck the giant's chest, and the sound of cracking bones immediately rang out.

Han Li's Provenance True Devil Arts had almost been cultivated to its very maximal extent, and it was being combined with several other secret techniques, so the Provenance Golden Body was naturally far more powerful than even the average Grand Ascension Stage being could imagine.

Golden and black light intertwined in front of the Immortal Heavenly Lord, following which two massive indentations were punched into his suit of dark green armor. The suit of armor then completely shattered, and two bursts of tremendous force flooded into his body, sending him flying through the air before he could even make a sound.

An earth-shattering boom rang out down below, and the Immortal Heavenly Lord was slammed several tens of feet deep into the ground, leaving less than half of his body still above the surface of the earth.

All of this had taken plac

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