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Above a certain giant lake in the renowned Tidefall Grassland on the Blood Sky Continent, Han Li and the others were flying through the air in a nondescript flying boat.

Han Li was standing at the very front of the boat in an expressionless manner, while Zhu Guo'er and Patriarch Hua Shi were standing behind him with dejected expressions.

A short while ago, they had just tested the final ancient altar on the grassland, but were disappointed to find that it still wasn't the one they were searching for.

All of a sudden, a clear buzzing sound rang out from Han Li's body.

His expression changed slightly as he released a blue formation plate out of his sleeve, and around a dozen shimmering silver characters appeared on the object's surface.

"Let's go to the nearby Pegasus City," Han Li immediately instructed.

Patriarch Hua Shi was rather surprised to hear this, but he immediately obliged, controlling the flying boat to fly toward another direction.

"What happened, Senior Han? Could it be that the match against the Infernal Realm is about to begin?" Zhu Guo'er asked.

Han Li hadn't told her everything about this upcoming match, but he had revealed some inconsequential information about it to her.

Thus, she didn't know the exact details involved, but she did know that Han Li had to fight a certain group of powerful beings at a certain time and place.

"That's right. Hehe, I benefited from the He Lian Trade Guild in the past, so I can't revoke my promise now," Han Li replied.

"Even with so many Grand Ascension Stage beings among its ranks, the trade guild is still requesting your assistance; it's clear that this is going to be no ordinary match. Please be careful, Senior Han," Zhu Guo'er said in a concerned manner. "Don't worry, with my current powers, there shouldn't be many beings in the world who can pose a threat to me. Even if I can't defeat my opponent, I'll definitely be able to at least get away safely," Han Li said with a confident smile.

Both Zhu Guo'er and Patriarch Hua Shi were quite reassured by Han Li's display of confidence.

Half a month later, Han Li's trio arrived at a giant city on the outskirts of the grassland.

In contrast with normal cities, there were rows of thick dark green bamboo trees planted outside the city wall to form another wall of bamboo that surrounded the entire city.

There were grey pegasus statues that were over 100 meters tall situated at roughly 500-meter intervals along the city wall, and not only were they extremely life-like, all of them were in different poses.

Instead of landing at the city gate, Han Li's flying boat flew directly over the city wall before crashing into the invisible restrictions over the city, much to the astonishment of countless low-grade and mid-grade cultivators down below.

However, the flying boat only descended slightly before continuing on toward the center of the city.

"That's a Grand Ascension Stage senior!" many o

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