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Time slowly passed, but nothing out of the ordinary appeared in the surrounding area.

Finally, a burly man red-haired man in the light formation ran out of patience, and transmitted his voice toward a portly elderly man. "Why isn't he here? Could it be that he changed his mind and decided not to follow our plan? We didn't deploy anyone to spy on them as we were worried that the culprit would notice."

"Rest assured, Brother Che Qi; we wouldn't have set up this trap if we weren't fully confident in it. I don't know why the culprit pursued those two for such a long time, but the results of our investigation indicate that he's displayed no intention of giving up. As long as that Six-winged Frost Centipede doesn't make it too obvious, he'll definitely be able to lure the culprit into this trap," the elderly man replied with a warm smile.

"That's very reassuring to hear. Speaking of which, just how fearsome is the culprit behind the blood sacrifices? Not only have the 12 of us been assembled, even these Heaven and Earth Extreme Formations and the sacred treasure of the Blood Bone Sect, the Yellow Wind Scroll, are being used. That treasure and these two formations alone should be enough to refine the culprit alive; why are our services still required?" the red-haired man asked in a curious manner.

"I'm not too sure about that, but there must be a reason why the fellow daoists who assembled us are being so cautious. Setting everything else aside, that man has already killed three Grand Ascension Stage fellow daoists and has sacrificed countless living beings without any inhibition, so he does deserve this grand treatment," the portly man replied.

"I'm rather curious about where that man came from. Could it be that he's been cultivating in seclusion for countless years or perhaps is a powerful being from another realm?" the red-haired man speculated.

"There's no need to think about such things. Regardless of where he came from, his actions are inexcusable, and our Blood Dao sects definitely can't allow him to continue living in this world. Otherwise, our reputation would be swept to the ground," the portly man replied with a solemn expression.

"That's true. I've heard that Bi Ying of the He Lian Trade Guild, Mistress Ling Yun of the Myriad Curse Mountain, and Fellow Daoist He of the Skyfall Valley have also been invited as spectators. With their participation, there's no way that man will be able to survive," the red-haired man said.

"Hehe, there's no way those three would join forces to oppose the same enemy. Besides, with all of us here, there won't be any chance for them to get involved," the portly man replied, to which the red-haired man nodded with a contemplative expression.

Meanwhile, four Grand Ascension Stage beings were standing together in the hall of a shimmering golden pagoda.

The pagoda was situated in a giant city countless kilometers away from the desert, and the four of them were all appraising a

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