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"I didn't think that a true immortal would chase us so persistently like a mad dog. However, rest assured, he won't be able to do anything to us before my spirit liquid runs out," the Six-winged Frost Centipede replied in a resentful manner as he also opened his eyes.

"It's all because you goaded him with those insulting words that he's so persistent in pursuing us," the Ice Phoenix harrumphed coldly.

"You don't know anything! If I hadn't made him lose his cool with my insults, there's no way we would've been able to successfully escape from him using that secret technique. If worse comes to worst, then we'll have to leave this continent and return to the Tian Yuan Continent. Surely he wouldn't continue to pursue us onto another continent," the Six-winged Frost Centipede said in a cold voice.

The Ice Phoenix's eyes lit up slightly upon hearing this. "Leaving the Blood Sky Continent is actually not a bad idea. That man descended onto the Blood Sky Continent from the True Immortal Realm, so he must have something important to do here. Once we escape to the Tian Yuan Continent, there's a good chance that he'll let us go."

"That would naturally be ideal," the Six-winged Frost Centipede replied with a nod.

Thus, after resting for close to another day, they didn't dare to remain in the mountain any longer and shot out as two streaks of light to continue fleeing from their pursuer.

However, the two of them had only just emerged from the mountain when spatial fluctuations erupted all around them, and four humanoid figures appeared, all of which were giving off extremely fearsome auras.

The two of them were naturally quite alarmed by this, and they immediately drew to a halt before inspecting the four people who had appeared around them, upon which they discovered that the group was comprised of two men and two women, all of whom were at the Grand Ascension Stage.

"Are the four of you here for me?" the Six-winged Frost Centipede asked as his eyes narrowed slightly.

"We are indeed here for you, Fellow Daoist," an azure-faced man wearing a crimson robe replied.

The Six-winged Frost Centipede's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and he said in a cold voice, "Oh? You really are here for me? I don't recall making enemies of any of you during my time on the Blood Sky Continent."

"Please don't misunderstand; we're not here to target you. Instead, we'd like to request your assistance," the azure-faced man replied with a hint of a smile on his face.

The Six-winged Frost Centipede was extremely frustrated after being pursued for so long, and the arrival of these four Grand Ascension Stage beings finally tipped him over the edge as he flared with rage. "This is how you request assistance from people? What if I refuse?"

If these people couldn't give him a satisfactory response, then perhaps he really would lash out against them.

In any case, with his powerful movement technique, he would be able to

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