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"I see that you're using quite a profound clone technique. However, I'm rather curious; how much of your power could you possibly still be retaining in your current state?" Han Li mused with a peculiar expression as he appraised Patriarch Wu Gou with blue light flashing in his eyes.

"What do you mean by that?" Patriarch Wu Gou's pupils contracted slightly upon hearing this, and he finally spoke for the first time in a voice that was extremely raspy and unused, as if it had been countless years since he had last spoken.

"My spirit eye ability allows me to clearly see everything in a radius of thousands of kilometers around me. Even though you're using a treasure to conceal your current condition and you're able to move like a normal person, you can't hide your necrosed muscle tissues from me. How did you end up like this? Was a restriction placed upon you or did you willingly become like this?"Patriarch Wu Gou's pupils contracted even further upon hearing this, and his hands had also balled up into tight fists within his sleeves.

Han Li had spoken in a voice that was clearly audible to all of the Grand Ascension Stage beings nearby, and Fairy Hua Xi's expression changed drastically as she hurriedly yelled, "What are you doing, Wu Gou? Stop listening to his senseless rambling and kill him!"

Immediately thereafter, the giant ring around the extreme mountain began to glow brightly at her behest, then transformed into a vast expanse of translucent sand that instantly enveloped the entire mountain, forming a massive translucent ball that hovered in mid-air in a completely still manner.

She then flew over to Patriarch Wu Gou as a streak of light before aiming a vicious glare at Han Li.

A hint of mockery seemed to flash through Patriarch Wu Gou's eyes as he turned to glance at Fairy Hua Xi. "Rest assured, his words won't be able to affect me. Hehe, sorry to disappoint you, Fellow Daoist, but no one did this to me; something went wrong while I was practicing a cultivation art, and I had no choice but to become like this in order to save my own life. Now then, that's enough chit-chat; let's continue!"

As soon as his voice trailed off, he took a step forward, and his body instantly split up into two, then into four...In the blink of an eye, around a dozen identical projections had been manifested all around Han Li, and even more projections were taking shape before converging toward the center.

It was as if over 100 people were charging toward Han Li at once.

Fairy Hua Xi's eyes lit up immediately upon seeing this, and she quickly made a grabbing motion as countless specks of light surged out of her body, then converged to form an antiquated long blade that was around 10 feet in length in her hand. The blade was slashed toward Han Li, who was immediately struck by the feeling that the space around him had tightened.

An incredible weight seemed to have descended upon him, making him very sluggish and preventing him f

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