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Looking down from above, one would discover that the walls of wind had already formed a yellow barrier that enshrouded the entire desert within it.

Xiao Ming sat down with his legs crossed in the distance, then closed his eyes as he began focusing on controlling the scroll before him.

Within the golden pagoda, the scene being depicted on the light screen had also transitioned into a yellow sandstorm, making it impossible to see anything else.

Mistress Ling Yun's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this, and she said, "Brother Yu, the treasure Fellow Daoist Xiao Ming is using is the Yellow Wind Scroll of the Blood Bone Sect, right? I've heard that this treasure is ranked quite highly even among the Profound Heavenly Treasures of the Spirit Realm; the fact that it's concealed the view of even this Sky Appraising Mirror is a clear testament to its powers. However, isn't it a little too early to be using this treasure? Isn't Fellow Daoist Xiao Ming being too cautious?"

"Hehe, that is indeed the vastly renowned Yellow Wind Scroll. This scroll is normally worshipped in the heritage hall of the Blood Bone Sect, and only when facing powerful enemies would the grand elders bring out this treasure before entrusting it to one of them to face the enemy. The treasure has actually already been set up in advance; this entire desert was actually manifested by this scroll, and it's only being officially activated now. As for whether Fellow Daoist Xiao is being too cautious, I think it's a good idea that he's activated the treasure so decisively.

"After all, with that man's fearsome power, I think both the Heaven and Earth Extreme Formation and Yellow Wind Scroll are required to truly ensure that we've trapped him. What do you think, Brother Bi? Oh? You don't look so good, Brother Bi; is there something on your mind?" the crimson-robed man asked as he took in the expression on Bi Ying's face.

At this moment, Bi Ying was staring intently at the light screen with an extremely grim expression, and only after hearing the crimson-robed man's words did he withdraw his gaze and force a smile onto his own face.

"I don't know why, but for some reason, I was struck by a bone-chilling sensation after witnessing that man's appearance."

"Oh? This is not something to be ignored; at our level, we're able to sense certain impending perils. Fellow Daoist He, Mistress Ling Yun, are you two getting the same premonition?" the crimson-robed man hurriedly asked as he turned to the other two people present.

"I haven't."

"Me, neither. Could it be that your premonition was incorrect, Brother Bi?" the man in the scholar's robe asked with a faint smile.

"Hmph, regardless of whether my premonition is correct or not, I don't plan to stay here any longer; I'm going to return to the trade guild right away. Regardless of the outcome of the battle, just send a message to our trade guild, Brother Yu." Much to everyone's surprise, Bi Ying was suddenly t

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