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Half a day later, an epic battle that lasted close to a day and a night took place at the giant city where Bi Ying and the others were situated.

Everything in a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers of the battle was reduced to ashes, and several days later, a piece of astonishing news began to spread.

All of the Grand Ascension Stage beings assembled to hunt down the culprit behind the blood sacrifices had been slain in battle, with the only exception being Mistress Ling Yun of the Myriad Curse Mountain.

However, even she was severely wounded, to the extent that she had almost reverted back to the Body Integration Stage.

As soon as she returned to the Myriad Curse Mountain, she immediately activated all of the restrictions on the mountain and declared that the mountain would be closed to the entire continent for 10,000 years.

As a result, the entire Blood Sky Continent was in a state of panic, and the other major powers and the Grand Ascension Stage beings within those powers were all at a loss for what to do.

Shortly thereafter, a medium-sized nation and several nearby sects were slaughtered as part of another blood sacrifice.


However, Han Li was oblivious to all of this.

At this point, he had already teleported to an island that was quite far away from the Blood Sky Continent, then departed from the island with Zhu Guo'er and Patriarch Hua Shi on the Inkspirit Holy Ark before traveling into the ocean.

There were far more powerful beasts in the sea than on land, and some of them were quite formidable even in the eyes of Grand Ascension Stage beings.

However, the powerful puppets on the Inkspirit Holy Ark were enough to take care of most sea beasts that dared to attack the ark.

Occasionally, they would encounter a particularly powerful sea beast, but all of them promptly fled upon witnessing Han Li's displays of power.

Half a year flew by, and at this point, the giant ark had traveled an immeasurable distance through the ocean.

On this day, just as the giant ark was flying along at a low altitude, an earth-shattering boom suddenly rang out up ahead, accompanied by a burst of violent energy fluctuations.

Patriarch Hua Shi was standing at the front of the ark, controlling the direction of its flight, and his expression immediately changed drastically upon sensing these powerful energy fluctuations.

He hurriedly flew into the cabin of the ark, and moments later, Han Li emerged from the cabin in an unhurried manner with Zhu Guo'er and Patriarch Hua Shi trailing along behind him.

“You're saying there are Grand Ascension Stage beings battling up ahead? Hmm, indeed, energy fluctuations of this level of power can only arise from battles between Grand Ascension Stage beings. Fly the ark in that direction; I want to see what's happening over there,” Han Li instructed as he cast his gaze into the distance through narrowed eyes.

"Yes, Master Han!" Patriarch Hua Shi immediat

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