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The long-haired man then waved a hand, and the sea beast army immediately continued onward.

Right at this moment, spatial fluctuations erupted nearby, and a translucent thread shot out of thin air without any warning, then instantly reached the long-haired man as if through teleportation before transforming into a streak of translucent sword Qi.

The long-haired man was rather surprised by this attack, but remained calm and opened his mouth to release a ball of purple light, which instantly transformed into a giant shield that was riddled with purple patterns.

At the same time, he made a hand seal, conjuring up a blue water barrier that instantly inundated his entire body.

In the next instant, the translucent sword Qi tore through the giant shield and water barrier like a hot knife through butter, then revolved around the long-haired man's body like lightning, slicing him in half right before his astonished gaze.

The two halves of the long-haired man's body instantly exploded into countless bubbles, and these semi-transparent bubbles shot forth in all directions.

Right at this moment, the translucent sword Qi faded, and a miniature purplish-golden figure appeared before sweeping a finger toward a certain direction, releasing a streak of invisible sword Qi that instantly swept up one of the fleeing bubbles. The bubble immediately transformed into a miniature humanoid figure that was identical to the long-haired man in appearance.

Even though it had several powerful protective treasures to defend itself with, all of them were quickly destroyed by the streak of sword Qi, and the miniature figure was also destroyed amid an anguished howl.

From the instant that the translucent thread appeared to the moment the long-haired man was slain, everything had taken place in the blink of an eye.

The army of sea beasts didn't even get a chance to react, and once they realized what had happened, all of them were naturally extremely enraged.

The dozen or so most powerful sea beasts among them let loose thunderous roars, unleashing all types of attacks that shot forth directly toward Jin Tong in a frenzy.

A cold light flashed through Jin Tong's eyes upon seeing this, and it released countless streaks of invisible sword Qi that rained down from the heavens, destroying all of the oncoming attacks with ease before plunging into the army of sea beasts down below.

Even the average Grand Ascension Stage being wouldn't dare to oppose this sword Qi head-on, so these sea beasts were naturally completely powerless.

Hordes of sea beasts were instantly torn apart by the streaks of sword Qi, and countless severed limbs floated onto the surface of the ocean, which had been stained red by blood.

The sea beasts were finally becoming horrified upon seeing this, and one of them let loose a shrill cry, upon which all of the remaining sea beasts scattered and fled for the lives in all directions.

Meanwhile, Jin Tong looked

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