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Three days later, Han Li met the four Body Integration Stage human cultivators in the hall of his ark, while Nangong Wan sat beside him.

The four cultivators extended respectful bows toward Han Li as soon as they entered the room. "We pay our respects to Senior Han."

"No need for formalities. I'm sure all of you already know about my relationship with Wan'er, and similarly, I know why you've come to visit me," Han Li said.

Among the four human cultivators, a white-haired elderly man lowered his head in a respectful manner, and replied, "The four of us possess aptitude that isn't inferior to anyone, but we're limited by the fact that we're in the Small Spirit Sky. If you can take us back with you to the Spirit Realm, we'll be forever indebted to you, Senior Han."

"I must thank you all for looking after Wan'er for all these years, so it's no issue for me to take you back to the Spirit Realm. However, before we go, we have to take care of some matters in the Small Spirit Sky first. The last thing I would want to see is for our human race to be enslaved by other races as soon as we leave," Han Li said.

The four cultivators' hearts stirred slightly upon hearing this, and a blue-robed woman stepped forward as she said, "We'll do everything you say, Senior Han."

Her three companions also nodded in agreement.

"In that case, I'll take the lead here. When you go back, select the top 100 or so most outstanding juniors of the human race, and I'll take them along with the four of you back to the Spirit Realm. At the same time, make an announcement that I'll be returning to the Small Spirit Sky at random points in time to take the next batch of most outstanding human juniors with me," Han Li instructed in an implacable manner.

"Rest assured, Senior, we'll be sure to carry out your instructions to the best of our abilities," the white-haired elderly man hurriedly replied.

"Good. Prior to returning to the Spirit Race, I'll be making a visit to all of the other areas of the Small Spirit Sky to teach the other races a lesson so they wouldn't dare to target our human race. I'll also leave a few powerful treasures behind so that our human race will be able to ward off potential invasions from other races even without any Body Integration Stage beings among its ranks. With these measures in place, we won't have to worry about our brethren even after I take you all away," Han Li said.

The four cultivators were naturally ecstatic to hear this, and they immediately gave affirmative responses. Indeed, with these measures implemented, the humans of the Small Spirit Sky would have nothing to worry about.

Thus, the four cultivators asked Han Li a few more questions about the specific details of their plan, then departed from the ark.

Throughout this entire meeting, Nangong Wan remained silent, but once the four cultivators left, she turned to Han Li with a smile, and said, "It'll most likely take them quite some time to sele

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