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Patriarch Hua Shi gave an affirmative response, then immediately flew back onto the ark.

Meanwhile, Han Li stepped forward and immediately vanished on the spot.

In the next instant, he reappeared beside Shi Xianyun amid a burst of spatial fluctuations. Shi Xianyun was rather surprised by this, but she immediately made an inviting hand gesture as she said, "Please follow me, Senior Han."

Thus, the three of them vanished into the mountain again.

At the same time, several human cultivators were gathered in a hall in the belly of a neighboring mountain, appraising everything that was happening outside through a mirror treasure.

"It really is Guo'er! She just came down from that black ark, so that man must be the Grand Ascension Stage being we've been hearing about," a middle-aged scholarly man said as he withdrew his gaze from the mirror.

"Sister Guo'er has been missing for a long time; who would've thought that she would somehow become related to that Grand Ascension Stage being? What do we do now? Should we inform our seniors of this?" a young man asked in a hesitant manner.

"Hmph, given how eye-catching that ark is, do you think our seniors wouldn't have already heard about his arrival? It's a massive opportunity for us that Guo'er has established ties with a Grand Ascension Stage senior, so let's just observe for now," the scholarly man said.

Everyone else nodded in agreement to this proposed course of action.

Similar scenes were being repeated in all of the other nearby mountains as well.

At this point, Shi Xianyun had already led Han Li through a bluestone corridor and arrived in a stone hall with elegant decor.

A stone cauldron was situated in each corner of the hall, and within each cauldron was a stick of burning fragrant incense that was blackish-yellow in color.

Once Han Li took a seat on a stone chair beside a wooden table, Shi Xianyun clapped her hands together, and a white light flashed from a side entrance of the hall, upon which a snowy-white squirrel that was around a foot tall appeared, carrying a huge fruit platter with its front limbs.

The squirrel had a pair of intelligent black eyes, and even though it was walking in a rather wobbly manner, it was making no sound at all and was very agile.

It quickly made its way over to the stone table, then set down the fruit platter in a well-rehearsed manner.

After that, it turned toward Han Li and made a string of pleasant squeaking sounds while wagging its bushy tail from side to side.

"Don't be rude, Xue'er. Go away for now; I'll give you a Spiritual Attainment Pill later," Shi Xianyun scolded.

"Hehe, this is a Snow Squirrel Beast, right? How interesting, these beasts are quite rare even in the Spirit Realm. Looks like it's only a step away from attaining full intelligence. In that case, I'll give it a hand," Han Li said with a faint smile, then flicked a thumb-sized pill out of his sleeve.

The Snow Squirrel Beast's

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