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Not long after this, news of the three most powerful beings of the Green Spirit Race being killed by a Grand Ascension Stage human being began to spread.

The foreign races neighboring the Green Spirit Race were extremely alarmed to hear this, and they immediately sent out scouts to verify the authenticity of this news.

Soon, the entire Small Spirit Sky was completely stirred up into a frenzy.

At this point, the Inkspirit Holy Ark had already left the territory of the Green Spirit Race and was heading toward human territory on the other side of the Small Spirit Sky.

Several days later, a group of powerful human beings were seated around a stone table in an antiquated stone hall situated on a tall mountain, discussing something with one another with grim looks on their faces.

These humans were comprised of three men and one woman, all of whom were at the Body Integration Stage.

"Can we confirm the news to be accurate? Was it really a Grand Ascension Stage human being who killed those three Green Spirit beings and Ancient Ancestral Tree Spirits?" a middle-aged man with a dark complexion asked.

"Our scouts were unable to enter the Green Sea, but judging from the reactions of all of the races, the information is most likely accurate. Otherwise, the Green Spirit Race wouldn’t have withdrawn all of its members into the Green Sea in an emergency retreat during the past few days," a white-haired elderly man replied as he stroked his own beard.

"But we all know that no Grand Ascension Stage being has ever arisen from our human race in the Small Spirit Sky, and it'll most likely never happen in the future, either," a green-robed woman said with furrowed brows.

"Perhaps I would agree with you in the past, but have you forgotten about Fairy Moon? In such a short time, she was able to progress from the Spatial Tempering Stage to the pinnacle of the Body Integration Stage; perhaps she can become the first Grand Ascension Stage human being of our Small Spirit Sky," a white-robed man said.

The blue-robed woman's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, but she still shook her head as she said, "Fellow Daoist Moon's aptitude doesn't require further elaboration. In just 2,000 years, she's become the most powerful being of our human race and can even match an Ancient Ancestral Tree Spirit in battle. However, I don't think it's plausible to expect Fellow Daoist Moon to reach the Grand Ascension Stage with the lack of spiritual Qi in our Small Spirit Sky."

"It's indeed implausible, but with Fairy Moon's aptitude, there's still a chance," the white-robed man countered.

"If Fairy Moon really can progress to the Grand Ascension Stage, that would be extremely fortunate for our human race. However, in her current state, it would require at least several more centuries of cultivation before she can begin attempting a breakthrough. By the way, Fairy Moon is currently cultivating an extremely important secret technique,

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