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In the air above a certain region of the sea in the Spirit Realm, two groups of whale-like low-grade sea beasts were engaged in a fierce battle for some unknown reason.

Sections of beast carcasses were occasionally rising up out of the seawater, and the nearby area of the sea had been completely stained red.

All of a sudden, an extremely fearsome aura erupted from the seabed, and the two groups of sea beasts immediately ceased their battle before fleeing in different directions in an alarmed manner.

In the blink of an eye, peace and quiet returned.

Right at this moment, the seawater parted, and a giant black ark emerged on the surface of the ocean.

The ark was over 10,000 feet in length, resembling a massive black beast.

The deck of the ark was packed with human cultivators, most of whom appeared to be quite young, and they were all extremely excited as they took in their surroundings.

There were also some cultivators who had closed their eyes and seemed to be sensing something in silence.

The Inkspirit Holy Ark had returned from the Small Spirit Sky, and in the instant that it did so, the passageway in the form of the ball of rainbow light finally crumbled.

Thus, if Han Li wanted to return to the Small Spirit Sky in the future, then he would have to seek out another corresponding ancient altar for a chance to do so.

At this moment, Han Li and Nangong Wan were standing side by side at the front of the ark, and everyone else gave them a wide berth out of respect.

"So this is the Spirit Realm. As expected, the purity of the spiritual Qi here really is far superior to that of the Small Spirit Sky. Only in a place like this will cultivators like us have a chance at making further progress and strive toward ascension to the True Immortal Realm," Nangong Wan murmured to herself.

"The Spirit Realm is indeed a superior place for cultivation than the Small Spirit Sky, but there still aren't that many Grand Ascension Stage beings in this realm. For weaker races like our human race, having one or two Grand Ascension Stage beings would be enough to claim a spot in the Spirit Realm. However, there are some super races that possess numbers of Grand Ascension Stage beings in the double digits. Of course, there are disparities in power even among Grand Ascension Stage beings, and the most powerful Grand Ascension Stage beings can match true spirits in battle and easily slay several ordinary Grand Ascension Stage beings at once," Han Li said with a smile.

During his time in the Small Spirit Sky, he had already given everyone a rough description of the Spirit Realm and the human race here, so they weren't completely oblivious to this realm.

"Judging from the confidence you're exuding, you must be one of those anomalies among Grand Ascension Stage beings. I didn't think that our human race would be in such a bad situation in the Spirit Realm, but surely the situation is going to improve with your efforts," N

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