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All of a sudden, a layer of black Qi erupted out of the grey-robed man's body, and his outstretched arm immediately completely shriveled up.

However, at the same time, nine different types of law fluctuations erupted out of the arm before fusing as one.

His shriveled arm pierced into the golden giant's waist, and once most of the arm had been plunged into Ma Liang's body, it abruptly exploded.

A burst of nine-colored flames erupted forth, instantly inundating the golden giant's entire body and setting it alight.

The golden giant roared with agony, and its blood and flesh were quickly stripped away by the nine-colored flames.

The colors of the flames were very distinctly separated, but were also somehow in perfect harmony, and it contained nine different types of powers of laws.

After successfully landing the surprise attack, Xuan Jiuling vanished on the spot before appearing beside Ming Zun with a cold smile on his face. "In the face of my Nine Tribulation Spirit Vanquishing Arts, even a true immortal is no match."

Even though he had detonated one of his own arms, he was extremely pleased to have slain a true immortal.

At this moment, the layer of black flames around the golden giant finally faded, and the rusty black lamp up above exploded into specks of spiritual light.

It turned out that this was a disposable treasure that could only be used once.

Yin Gangzi and the others were naturally ecstatic to see this, and all felt as if they had just survived a massive ordeal.

A faint smile also appeared on Ming Zun's face as he appraised the golden giant, which had been completely set alight.

The most fearsome part of the Nine Tribulation Spirit Vanquishing Arts were these Nine Tribulation True Flames.

The flames contained the bonded flames of nine types of fire-attribute true spirits, as nine different types of powers of laws were absorbed through other means. Just a tiny speck of this fire would be capable of evaporating oceans and melting entire mountains.

Even if the most formidable beings in the True Immortal Realm were to come into contact with these flames, they wouldn't be able to escape without at least suffering severe injuries, let alone this true immortal.

It seemed that there would be no need to unleash the other trump card that had been prepared.

As these thoughts flashed through Ming Zun's mind, the golden giant had fallen completely silent, and its flesh had been completely stripped away, leaving only a massive golden skeleton in its place.

Everyone heaved a collective internal sigh of relief upon seeing this.

However, the woman in the palatial dress suddenly yelled in a panicked manner, "Hold on, he's not actually dead! The power of this Myriad Spirit Blood Seal hasn't faded in the slightest!"

Yin Gangzi and the others were very alarmed to hear this, and they immediately directed their attention upward.

High up in the sky, the blue ice on the surface of

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