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Thus, several of the most renowned powerful beings on the entire Tian Yuan Continent perished before they could utter even a single sound.

As for Ming Zun and the others, they managed to survive under the protection of the Great Silver Heavenly Tome.

Countless crimson threads struck the light barrier formed by the treasure, causing it to flash erratically before dimming significantly, but it remained resolute.

However, Yin Gangzi had the others had all turned extremely pale, and Ming Zun immediately cast his gaze toward the Mythical Black Beasts with a dark expression.

As a result, they discovered that the four black-armored young man were hiding behind a black fire barrier and had also survived that attack.

Ma Liang was rather surprised to see that so many people had survived that attack, but a cold look then immediately appeared on his face as he made a hand seal before pointing a finger at the giant crimson seal from afar.

A burst of loud rumbling out as the giant seal continued to descend, easily pulverizing the light pagoda beneath it, which was already riddled with holes.

Thus, the seal came crashing down toward Ming Zun and the others, and the nearby space was enshrouded by that burst of fearsome power again, while the nauseating odor of blood and gore also reappeared.

"What do we do, Brother Ming?" Yin Gangzi yelled.

"What else can we do aside from fight for our lives? Rest assured, fellow daoists; he must've expended a vast amount of true essence to unleash that attack, so there's no way he'll be able to use it a second time. Fellow Daoist Wu Ling, Brother Yin, do your best to oppose this treasure for now, and I'll unleash a secret technique to try and seal him in his current depleted state. Fellow daoists, please unleash an all-out attack with your bonded true flames to assist me," Ming Zun communicated through voice transmission to the other Grand Ascension Stage beings, as well as the four Mythical Black Beasts.

"How confident are you that you'll be able to seal him, Brother Ming?" Mistress Wu Ling asked in a slightly hesitant manner.

The deaths of the other Grand Ascension Stage beings had already struck fear deep into her heart.

"I'm unleashing an immortal secret technique that requires me to sacrifice a part of my soul and severely deplete my essential power, so there's at least a 50% chance that it'll succeed," Ming Zun replied.

Mistress Wu Ling knew that there was no way she could successfully escape on her own, so she could only grit her teeth before replying, "Alright, then I'll trust you one more time. Fellow Daoist Yin, let's strike together."

Yin Gangzi nodded in response before immediately letting loose a thunderous roar, upon which his body swelled drastically once again, and thick silver patterns appeared all over his skin. His arms also thickened significantly, and he clenched his hands into tight fists before lashing out with devastating might.

As for Mistres

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